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Four years after the insidents of the 'Twilight incident', the company that made The World, CC, has managed to put the past behind them and forget about what happened. This included erasing the data made for something called the avatars of the .Hackers.
Reno and Shugo are two twins who have been living apart for three months and are both in their second year of Junior High. A mysterious promotion emerges, and the two find that they have won the chance to play as two of the legendary .Hackers characters Kite and Blackrose which were originally banned since the 'Twilight Incident'. Funny thing is, they never entered any contest!
When they enter the game, they find that it slowly begins to resemble The World as it was four years ago...
Credit: daos

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Member Opinions

evelluchia evelluchia

i found this .hack a bit more on the cute side but yet still just as fun to watch as the others i found ti keped a fun and interisting adventure going as i got deaper and deaper into the series i do reccamend this series for a good adventure into the gaming world ^-^

SolitaryAngel90X SolitaryAngel90X

.hack is a very cute anime. very cute character designs. i thought it was a little weird with the incest but other than that it was great. Something defiantly for little kids and they would enjoy it for sure. There are more to the .hack series but this is the only one i've watched. I hope to watch the other ones sometime.

ghost945 ghost945

better than expected. great story with so many anime in the series, spin-offs, ovas and manga etc. .hack series evolved with a game named "the world" is fascinating. sound effects, songs are well written and performed. songs in particular are matching and set the tone of this great series. seiyuu a bit letdown though with no extra value added into characters.

ecnelisterger ecnelisterger

I'm not very sure what to say about this anime.
There are not many hunky or beautiful characters available, only cute ones. xD
.hack// stories seems so confusing to me, but I can only say that the story is sweet and fun. And funny. xD


This is a rating for the ANIME only!! >.> I'm sorry. I adore the .hack franchise, and I guess that's why I hate this anime so much... They changed it too much from the manga and it's just horrible! They eliminated one of the best characters in the franchise! I literally tried to watch the 5th episode one day and 10 min. in, realized I'd spent more time complaining than watching... (/rant)


This is the only .hack series I've seen. However, it has more than meets the eye.

At first glance, it looks like an anime just for young kids. But the series covers some mature topics, including death. Also, as our technology becomes more advanced and complex, the virtual world of this series might be in our very-near future. When that future arrives, it could bring some of the problems we see in this series - What if someone becomes too obsessed with the virtual world? What if the link to the virtual world fries someone's brain? What if evil individuals or nations use this technology to enslave people? Again, this isn't just a kids' series.

Also, the music is great, especially the closing theme.

stargem stargem

I love the .hack// series, this "set" of episodes in the series follows The World, and online game in which the players are completely immersed in the game. Shugo and his twin sister Rena follow a journey after winning the .hacker player avatars. I highly recommend it.

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