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Barsburg Empire's Military Academy has always been known for training the elite with potential to become superb soldiers who won't bring shame to the name of the empire. The students of the special program freely utilize an ability called "zaiphon" to fight... Everyone's capabilities are different, and in many cases, reflect their nature.

However, not everything is what it seems, and nothing will be the same for Teito Klein after passing the last exam...

By: kahoko

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Assiah's 07-Ghost Tv And Manga Review

Rated: 9

In the anime, the presentation was adequate -- fitting for the story and it was very enjoyable. It keeps intact the characters' personalities and the feel of the events, eventually being a very good blend of sound, art and story. My only problem with this anime is how they prolonged the inevitable, and there were many changes in certain scenes. Filler episodes were a bane for the first few, but in their own aspect, they are still fun to watch.

Manga-wise, the portrayal of the characters and the settings are also very good, and the flow of the story is both amusing and concise. However, it is also a bit speed-tracked, being quick to explain things, or having too many elements in a single chapter.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

This anime was disappointing for me in how it was made; with the lack of exploring the 7 Ghost legend and background stories for characters like Castor and Labrador in how they became friends with Frau, plus how Haruse and Kuroyuri developed their close bond. I felt the anime was too focused on Teito, he was annoying protagonist and didn't really invest in him. I was more invested in Frau and would've liked the anime better if he was the main protagonist. Hakuren was a pretty good and interesting character, I was invested in him as well. The three Sisters and the mermaid girl at the church feel like they're just there to give the series some female characters and the anime didn't do anything to give them a story to develop them. I also disliked Ayanami, he turned out to be a one-dimensional antagonist for me.

Steffi1690 Steffi1690

Ayanami and Frau are the Best and hot too! Too bad it has to end with something like a cliffy... in the Anime.
But really glad that the manga ended without a cliffy! Wonderful art, good story, definitly a must read/watch!

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

For some reason I didn't like Teito, he was kinda whiny and I dislike whiny main characters. Mikhail I liked when he took over Teito's body, his eyes looked cool. Frau was okay. I liked his scythe. Hakuren was a really big snob in the begininng, but it was nice to see him and Teito ended up getting along and becoming friends. Ayanami was alright as a villian, though his motives were very typical. Though I would have liked to know more about his past. The pacing for the show was a bit slow. The character design was okay. Hyuuga was okay, and a pretty loyal subordinate. I liked the opening it was nice but I didn't like the ending.

SilverCat-sama SilverCat-sama

The characters are really handsome! Especially Ayanami-taichou. I keep watching this anime especially because of him! :3
This anime is about revenge, humor, n friendship. Some kind of religious too. N a bit shounen-ai hint. XD

Smilo Smilo

I like Teito and the story :) the character designs were awesome, animation was also impressive. Some scenes were funny and some were sad, eg one scen I almost cried, it was when mikage died :'(. It's just that the ending was pretty bad, because it's seems like we'll never know what path teito will choose. I hope it will be a next season :)

OctaDiamond OctaDiamond

Like many animes before(& after) it, this series chooses to stop at an early arc, meaning that we only get to see the absolute tip of the story, almost without any of the adventures, encounters, plot twists, interesting reveals & character development that came to follow, & let's face it, these are the parts that made the story into something really worth following, no?
That doesn't mean I didn't like the show, I did. It has consistently good animation, good acting, & a nicely done soundtrack. But I did have grievances here & there, like the tendency to omit or change important details(those chains are special army shackles that can only be removed by the party that had put them there, & Teito's wish was to see the Father, not Mikage, & even when the Kor are not allowed to grant a wish that puts the living together with the dead that one almost did grant it, & that's why it was so dangerous.. and seriously, most people would comment on the presence of a casket within a bedroom, let alone on having someone sleeping inside it..). It was also rather painful & tiresome to watch Teito running around in circles for so long, especially when most of these circles revolved around Mikage in one way or the other, which rather belittled the scale of the source story, & gave many of the audience an interesting take on the anime's genre..
So basically, this series sets the stage for the real 07-Ghost story that follows in the manga. For some, it might be exactly what they would like to see, for others, it might be somewhat less than so. As for those who would start a Teito-bashing storm, give the boy a break; like Ayumu Narumi of Spiral fame, he has shining moments that come in spades, but that's after the anime's end, & unfortunate as this may seem, it is how things usually go.

orange-lisa orange-lisa

This anime doesn't really have an end: 'till the last episode you have the impression that the real story has yet to begun, that all you've seen is just a long prologue. Waiting for a second season.

TEITO KLEIN: "The truth is ever since I first met him, I was always in silent fear. Please, God... I beg of you... Please don't tell me that loving someone is also the same as losing them!"


plot was good, character designs were awesome, animation was also impressive. it's just that the ending was pretty crappy, cause it seems like we'll never know what path teito will choose. some parts were funny(like when frau and castor were always fighting), some parts were sad(mikage's death), looking forward to more. :)

chiara chiara

The story revolves around Teito Klein and his adventures to uncover his lost memories. Therefore he stumbles in a conflict between church and military. Has action, drama, fantasy and a lot of bishies ;) almost non female characters and places value on friendship. If you dislike any allusions at shounen-ai then you probably will not like it. The entire series plays at the church and has a slower tempo than the manga. I really hope for a 2nd Season then I love the manga to death ;)

WalkingEncyclopedia WalkingEncyclopedia

Charming characters, though there's too much BL stuff for my taste. The story is interesting, though the entire plot was still rather under-developed. I hope there's a season 2.
Brilliant artwork and great music. Love the "Raggs Requiem" by Noria. It's a soothing tune that sticks to your head without being annoying.

Kisaky Kisaky

Teito ends from one side to another and the mystery gets more mysterious.
The three bishops are a strong and even more beautiful than the other.
In this anime is not one that is ugly, how do you choose who you like best.
I cried so much when he died Mikage

adelin95 adelin95

I finished watching this series yesterday. The story is pretty good, and I like it a lot! :)
The music and art are really good, really beautiful. However I was disappointed that it ended in some cliffhanger way, so I'm hoping the the second season. Sticking to the manga for now. :)


I watched this anime a while back and I can't remember some of it, but I do remember that I really enjoyed it. And the series ended on sort of a cliffhanger so I don't know if there's more episodes. I haven't checked in a while and I don't remember what season I finished off at. :/

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

Army plus Church and soldiers vs. bishops... well, I'm buying it and Im so in love with the characters^_^ Hakuren reminds me of Lelouch since Jun Fukuyama is voicing him in a very similar way, he's so adorable^_^ too bad he is "just" a replacement for Mikage (hmm, spoiler? really sorry for that)... Anyway I would pick up Frau as my fav, he is the funniest^_^ anime needs at least second season, but they aren't making any( T_T) so I guess I'll continue with the manga^_^ But I don't throw away my hopes!

singlemoon singlemoon

Didn't really feel like watching it, but since my brother shows a huge interest on it, I figured out maybe I should try to watch it too. For some reason, the character designs scared me,...it's...it's...too beautiful and beautiful graphic don't usually comes with great movement, I meant, no harsh movement and it'll all be graceful like feather falling. LOL me, I'm almost right.
Got a some potential shounen-ai pairing and that'a what been making my brother uncomfortable throughout the series 9thou he finished it, surprisingly).
Well, I guess it's a good anime, and I love the humor too, it's pretty cool.

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