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minayuri minayuri

Of what was made into anime format for 3x3 Eyes was a fun watch and Yakumo Fujii and Pai make an cute pair and I loved their romance, this was also one of the best adventure stories I've seen in a series ever, especially with the gripping story and incredible action scenes with twists and turns in the plot. From continuing to see the series through the manga, the only complaint I have is the overpowered villains Benares and Kaiyanwang, the former needed to have some sort of weakness.

evelluchia evelluchia

though the title seems a bit odd it does play an interisting role in this series i found 3X3 yeyes an action packed adventure i found it very fun to watch and also interisting because of the new things happening every epesode (sorry for the vag look its been a little while since ive seen 3x3 eyes)

ghost945 ghost945

manga definitely better. but then it's a bit old this anime, memories are fading. yet this maybe interpreted as anime isn't impressive nor was it exciting. manga version is not all great either. story lingers on towards the end.

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