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Hachiko's A Channel Tv Review

Rated: 8

If you are looking for a series that has a comprehensive plot that thickens with every passing episode, you're going to be a tad disappointed by what you see in A Channel. Keep in mind that this is a moe show riding on the coattails of K-ON!'s success. You can say that this is K-ON! without the guitars, club meetings, cakes and tea. There is not really much of a plotline to sniff at in this one.

However, if you like shows that have excellent art and animation to go with catchy music, you should give this a try. We all know that moe has been the in thing for quite some time. It's the moneymaker of all anime shows: the moe! Appreciate it, or at least try to. There has to be something about A Channel that makes you say, hey, I want to tune in. Where can I subscribe.

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rotten180 rotten180

I really like this one. Its pretty ironic, the way i found this anime. Take a guess.... Well it was a wallpaper on Minitokyo I encountered in which got me interested. And thus i watched it. The anime itself is a slice of life. You know the typical if you watch anime. In school, at home, at the beach, so on and so forth. Well if you like a slice of life, in which i do. Then this is a anime for you!


I personally loved it.... true that it reminded me of K-ON with out a doubt at first but I grew attached to the characters and realized that I was severely wrong, this anime has it's own distinct flavor to it... **even if the character designs are similar the characters themselves are not** I soon found myself drifting in the animes current and just let myself enjoy it fully. As far as the main characters go I became smitten by Tōru the most, this piece of anime-flesh is just too cute to ignore.. doing her utmost to "protect" her best friend Run-chan, who is a complete airhead, and watched over by her classmates and close friends Yūko, who is the definition of clumsy but very caring and beautiful and Nagi who is the megane character but is secretly a quite attractive girl when she removes her glasses~..phew..... All in all this is an anime that I enjoyed.

evelluchia evelluchia

so far it seems to be pretty good it reminds me of K-ON in a way but there very much different too art wise its not too bad though could have been better but i really shouldent juge buy only the first epesode hehe XD ill update when i watch more

Rai1e Rai1e

A slice-of-life anime which tell the story about 4 girls and their activities during their high-school days. The strong point is the characterization of each of the main characters. There's also always one or two new insert songs played in each episodes, making it very fun to watch and somehow reels your emotion.

randomly--random randomly--random

A Channel, being a typical slice of life anime, didn't really caught my attention. I have to admit that the preview somehow hyped me up and I seriously have no idea why. Anyway, A Channel can be directly compared to K-ON! without the music. They both have the typical slice of life feeling, the random typical everyday life and the main characters consisting of a group of seniors with a junior. Personally, I didn't fully enjoy A Channel because it's basically not my type of anime. Character-wise, they are the typical ones, nothing new about that. The character that totally caught me is Tooru because of her height and personality. Also, I really love her seiyuu, Yuuki Aoi (Seiyuu of Victorique de Blois from GOSICK). She really did a great job with Tooru(: Art-wise, I'd like to directly compare t to K-ON! because like what I have mentioned earlier, they have the same feeling. So basically, the art also applies to it. Overall, A Channel is an entertaining enough and is a good past time anime to watch. If you like K-ON!, you would most likely enjoy this one too :D

ghost945 ghost945

better than first thought. simple everyday school life stories but with a touch of warmth in them. having a younger grade character together with higher grades friends, diffienates itself among mainstream. character-wise, lots of potential for developments. the apperance of character toru resembles very much like character from mitsudomoe. seiyuu for these characters are well selected and gave strong performance. enjoyable work of anime.


Currently watching this, it's only 2 episodes through but i really like it so far. It's kinda like Lucky Star, except a lot better xD, kinda like K-On :P. All the main characters are moe, which is awesome as usual :P

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