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A Little Snow Fairy Sugar has the simple plotline about a young snow fairy apprentice named Sugar who wishes to become a fully fledged snow fairy just like her mother. Sugar comes to the human world searching for a "twinkle," an unknown object that fairy apprentices need to find to become fully fledged. By coming to the human world, Sugar then bumps into Saga, and suddenly Saga's well organzied life gets mixed up. Only certain gifted humans can see season fairies, and Saga is one of them! Throughout the series Sugar continues to search for the mysterious twinkle.

(Synopsis by: Daos)

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Coco's A Little Snow Fairy Sugar Tv Review

Rated: 7

Sugar knows nothing about the human world so she often gets into trouble. She wants to know more about it. She asks too many questions, investigates (even if it's dangerous), and can be annoying. But I believe viewers will fall in love with her no matter what.

So lack of knowledge of our world gets her into trouble, which leads us laughing. I feel sorry whenever she's being chased by Joe, a feisty black raven. If a viewer wants a happy/cute/ adventure anime film, then this is it. Look no further. A viewer should have an open heart and not think of this film just for babies.

There are some sequences in which a child may not fully understand and can miss its significance. There are some emotional and sad scenes that can make you cry, as well steal your heart.

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Member Opinions

ghost945 ghost945

storyline predictable. long long ago anime. cute characters. settings and background European style. very popular among anime of that era. conceptually interesting with weather fairies learning the way of becoming a great weather fairy.

fireflywishes fireflywishes

Very cute storyline and cute characters... however, a little too "kiddy" at times (ages 3+) This would be a great anime to show my kids someday-- if you want to start a child on anime at an early age, this would be one of the anime to show them. And it always makes me crave waffles. XD

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