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KazablanKa KazablanKa

I literally didn't even go farther from the first episode. The art was too bad to keep me going, as well as everything else. When i first heard about AMNESIA turning into an anime, i was very excited.. now i'm disappointed. Besides, it has the idiot-heroin thing going on -_-

woochann woochann

Now this anime tried really hard in some aspects which fell utterly flat. The anime had a short time to get me to get in the corner of its male protagonists due to the nature of the anime and it wasn't until Ikki and Kent that I actually felt for them and enjoyed their miniature character development. I would say just from a standpoint of convincing me that these characters could be in love with the main female protagonist would be with them, especially Ikki once you get further into story-line. I really enjoyed his and Kent's--they were both beautiful. Shin's however annoyed me greatly. I do not know why it did but I just did not like him nor was I a huge fan of Toma only because Toma's raised some really, really problematic issues that should not have been passed off as they were. They were highly troubling and that he seemed to get a "get out of jail free" card really bothered me. It was terrifying. Even the main "villain" seemed a fluffy bunny in comparison.

This anime has charm and I do like it but I believe it needs a much better job of adding better hints at what is happening with "amnesia" and with its dream-like sequences. It does a decent job compared to some I have seen with similar ideas but it could have done a lot better in many regards. It had its moments though that really made me laugh or really made me cringe (when it was needed). For what this anime genre is I'd say it is average, or decent, but it really made me laugh how only the male leads seemed to have really fantastical wardrobe choices minus Ikki's fanclub leader. It was really weird how everyone else in the world wore extremely normal clothes. Apparently no one else in this world can wear checkers, playing card themes, or bright colors. (I know the reason behind this but was strangely noticeable in this anime.)

Summer67 Summer67

This was a little hard to follow at times wondering if it was a dream, an ever changing alternate universe or time warps back in time sort of like the Bill Murray "Groundhog Day".
The characters were a bit warped in different ways. Each male lead, seemed to have one overbearing kind of personality while the female lead at times just seemed so weak and wishy-washy. I did start to like it after I started to understand it more but, by then it seemed it was a little too late to give it a really good rating.


I really hated the heroine...Se was so...emotionless and stupid...And so...ARGGH! I mean, come on, CRY, LAUGH, DO SOMETHING!! Show something...Well...She was just an empty shell who got the hotties...
The guys were soooo hot...And everything... >///< But the girl lowers the grade...A LOT...

Kurorisa Kurorisa

serialized from an otome game with the same title, Amnesia throw the crowds with confusing plot for those who haven't played the games. another side, moderate animation so far, love the eyes, all done by Brain's Base. as an otome gamer, I kinda enjoy this better because most of serialization from otoge are lacking

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

This anime is based on a game of the same name, though I'd expect the game to be a lot better since the anime kind of really sucks. The story follows the nameless heroine through different worlds where she's dating a different guy in each one so she can get her lost memories back. This alone sounds nice, specially if you're into reverse harem and bishounen, but once you realize the heroine is as dull as a log, you can lose interest pretty quickly. Ok, I get it she doesn't remember a thing, but that doesn't mean she can't have a personality, right? Anyway, what I think was the best part is the ending since all the confusion is finally dispersed and the story behind her lost memories is very touching, at least it was for me.

banraider banraider

i'm very very disappointed! i can't believe i wasted my time on such anime, when i first saw this anime i was excited because all of this mysterious events, but it turned out to be ridiculous, i hate very much animes without meaning or point and this anime is one of them, the heroine even doesn't has a name!!! what kind of anime is that?!! any way, i'm regret watching it and i expected more from this anime,there is a lot of things i didn't understand,i will vote only for the graphics and colors of it.

SevaVioletShadow SevaVioletShadow

i have regret watching this anime because i didn't understand a lot of mysterious thing in it!! the story have no spicific target or point so i guess i wasted my time on this one, the only thing is keep me watching it to the very last because the graphics,it's amazing and gourgeous, that's expected from Idea Factory 2013, but the anime should not be only about the graphics and pictures ,the important thing is the storyline and the events of the anime, what's the point watching a meaningless anime?? they didn't even mentioned the Heroine NAME???!!!! all the anime they called her "oye" or "kimi" and the ending is open it's up to the fans to guess what she gonna choose, i hate this kinds of anime and i am gonna votes 5 only for the pictures that's all !!

nikita08 nikita08

just watched the series, but i really like the slow development of the story. the way everything was revealed and the characters too. although sometimes it got on my nerves, specially the heroine. i like it the end of the story, which makes me want to play the game.

aureawolf aureawolf

I never played the game. Certainly, it's nothing thaaaat special, but it does have its charm xD. Idea Factory launches another eye-candy male harem and I appreciate it: Shin (my personal favorite) is passionate, forcible, kinda tsundere; Ikki is more loose, sensual (sexual) and charming; Kento didn't attract my attention at all at first, but then he turned out to be very considerate, dedicated, tender and rational ( even when it comes to a relationship OMG!), Toma is brutally sweet, but also kinda misguided about what it means to "protect" (it's quite scary at some point :S) and that strange fellow called Ukyo, with his split personality and constant murder-attempts (or rather "murders"?) also creeped me out a little. Of course, I try to overview the fact that the heroine actually doesn't have a name... at all! It's kinda creepy when you think about the vicarian ramifications of that fact and the extreme passiveness of this broad, but oh, well... I think the ending really sucked... so open and undefinitive... I'm sure it will be a second season, but there's practically no backbone behind this story, just a feable excuse to feed us cool male sterotypes.

kuryuki kuryuki

I watched it because the scans in the minitokyo gallerys and stuff looked amazing ;w;
especially after srsn's wall ;)
but it was very disappointing.
the like a log..with hot guys fawning over her.
It lost my interest very quickly actually
though I love the character designs, they don't particularly look good in the anime world :/

ray-slifer ray-slifer

Although I have not played the game, I'm glad the anime is already made. The anime is kind of in a slow pace and the heroine isn't really my kind of girl to play as. On the bright side, the male characters looked handsome but I'm dibs on the green haired guy. It's kind of a good thing that the heroine has yet to be named. I found Orion rather fun.

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