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Member Opinions

pikachu36 pikachu36

Well I'm not sure if Sao came before or after this, but I tend to like what this writer puts together for stories. This anime had a lot of feel and really hit close to home on some basic subjects like being bullied, having a little extra weight, etc, etc. Though I had to give it a 9 due too the ending being so bad. It left out a lot of important topics out and even somethings that lead you to question some of the events, I feel as if it was meant to have another series, but failed to have one unless there is one in the works I just don't know about.

darkmage530 darkmage530

Accel world was very enjoyable for the most part. Unfortunately I could just never get into the main protagonist. It's not that he was fat but more so that he was just sooo insanely short compared to everyone else. Like even the loli character towered over him. The CGI was also a little offputting at times. The last story arc was a little weird and not very well done. Enjoyable just not great.

evilxangel evilxangel

Nice change of popular theme. Girls here have the power and the main male protagonist was chubby and still got the girl. It helped to show that not all the guys out there are the head on lions, but always dependable when the moment requires it. All they need is a little support and love just like this show had. Entertaining fighting scenes, beautiful animated characters some lovable some annoying but good show in general. The male protagonist can be a little exhausting but the plot was good.

hyuri hyuri

I love this series so far. The hero of the story is different from what I am used to seeing, but the show is interesting and makes me want to watch more!

Really enjoyed this series, hope they make more!

rotten180 rotten180

Its okay. Maybe im saying this because im rating this after a long time. I had originally heard of this from the website alafista.com In which i got interested watched up till like episode 12, then stopped(cause i was waiting for the rest to come out). And this is probably why i dont really say its that good. However i remember that when i was watching it, it was very great. Well im going to watch the rest.

Tsasu Tsasu

I saw this anime befor Sword's Art Online, at first the consep seem like Sword Art Online but takes a whole difrent turn .The love triangle ending between the main characters crush and best friend did seems rushed, even with that I did like the ending

WalkingEncyclopedia WalkingEncyclopedia

Like everyone, at first I was a bit troubled by the scriptwriter's idea of making a chubby, spineless boy the protagonist of the story. It's not like I have anything against fat people, but it's highly unusual (and rather unwise) for such thing to happen coz anime is all about making characters attractive. But gradually Haru starts growing on me and I get more sucked into the story and I suddenly realised I've got over his appearance. The show has exceeded my expectations, and things start picking up when Silver Crow sprouts wings. I see well-handled character development and smart battle tactics. But then it starts to get a bit repetitive and boring.

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