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Tokyo has sunk into the ocean! Most of the world was submerged during a land subsidence.

Aika Sumeragi is a salvager who works at a small company run by a father and daughter duo. Unfortunately, the company isn't successful and money is needed desperately. Using her special bustier which, when activated, transforms her into a "superwoman" who can take on whole armies by herself, Aika accepts the dangerous job of acquiring an artifact called Lagu for a hefty sum. The boss' daughter Rion Aida joins Aika on the mission, and the two set off.

However, they are captured by Rudolf Hagen, an effeminate but over-sexed man who commands a huge battleship manned exclusively by droves of cute girls in mini-skirts. He wants Lagu & Aika (and just about every pretty girl) for himself. Alongside Hargen is his obssessive sister Nena, who is jealous of Aika. Add to this another salvager named Gusto, who's also after Lagu and who has a crush on Aika.

Synopsis: asinine

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Mistere123's Agent Aika Tv Review

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Rated: 6

If Aika could be described as original, it only would be to a point as it heavily takes from the perverted imaginations of anyone and everyone who has seen a James Bond movie and wondered what it would look like if done in Anime. This was done only to stretch what could have been half an hour of fan service into far too much. It was enjoyable for as long as someone with attention deficit disorder could stand to sit still. The imagery far outweighed everything else only to be brought up behind by the story and finally the sound. The best I can offer is bargin bin pricing and a few hours to kill will be the only real reason to watch what I lovingly describe as James Bond gone Ecchi. Basically, for what it does, it does it exceptionally well. There's no doubting that.

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Member Opinions

Shimazaki Shimazaki

The anime got a great Animation Style but if it comes to story and everything else you cant hope for something good instead you will get the feeling that the main purpose is to count how many times you can see the Girls panties which is almost all the time so i recommend it for everyone who wants senseless ecchi animes

minayuri minayuri

The first four episodes of the original OVA are really good and it had an exciting and alluring plot and the last three remind me of stuff from Cutey Honey in a way with Aika fighting against the all-female Delmo group akin to how Honey fights against mainly female adversaries. However, having Rei Sakuma as the sexy Aika Sumeragi and the late Kaneto Shiozawa as the seductive villain Rudolf Hargen give the OVA some bonus points. It was a pretty good 90's ecchi series overall. The first Aika anime is how an ecchi anime can be good without dumb school settings and situations involved and it is one with a plot. I'm kind of glad Rei Sakuma didn't reprise her role for the prequel OVA's because it would've been a waste of her talent as they were pretty bad, so my score will only reflect towards the original. The plots in the prequel OVA's were rather lame and didn't do Aika's character justice, I didn't like how they showed her younger self as Rion-esque, what they did with Gust is even worse. It would've been better if they showed younger Aika as a kuudere-type, developed her background more as a Salvager, with mature settings (like how Triage X is) to compliment the atmosphere of the original OVA.

back07 back07

First time i watched this video, i don't have any interest on it. But i watched the next episode i have interest on it.
I love the main character, that's Aika. I watched Aika when she was a child, teen and adult.

Davo Davo

*nosebleed* oh this .... this is good ...very goood...
Even if this anime have a lack in story, i consider this a classic 'cuz this is the first anime focused in fanservice (specify pantsushot) without being disgusting or something, and take the fanservice like a priority. In the terms of story this anime have simple plot with no deep argument and context, but the narrative keeps the watcher entertained.

OP and ED music are excellent, with much of classical animation style, and the handle of female characters in the endings is excellent (for perv erted minds XD).

Recommended if you don't like the fanservice you probably like their characters.

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