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minayuri minayuri

Pretty good, I like how it has a story to it despite its' length for each episode as most formatted like this tend to have random stuff going on that feel episodic, but I don't like the recaps and are skippable. Still, I think this would be more enjoyable as a 12-episode series with the standard episode format. The new character of Momo is really cute and I like her character very much, she's a lot better than Tokyo's Sakuya and I like that Momo's bond with Tenchi is at a platonic level rather than forcing a romance between them. At first I wasn't going to see this series if it didn't have the original Tenchi girls in it, but was glad that they were going to appear and voiced by their original seiyuu with the exception of Ayeka's original seiyuu now voiced by Haruhi (Terada) Nanao who is doing a great job with the role since taking over from Yumi Takada. So with that, I decided to watch it and the original seiyuu still shine in their respective roles after all these years. A shame that Sailor Moon Crystal didn't do the same with having as much of the seiyuu of the original anime series return. Overall this was an enjoyable series to watch, I hope that it inspires more Tenchi anime to be made. When it comes to harem shows, Tenchi is the best.

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