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Due to his rebellious student background when he was in middle school, Junichi Nagase has suffered a somewhat indelible label of "Genokiller" all the way till his high school days. However, in a weird twist of events, his title which he had wanted to escape from worked to his advantage when he attempted to help a pretty young lady who is being harassed by some guys.

The next day, Junichi is greatly surprised when he found out that the transfer student in his class is none other than Yuuhi Katagiri, the girl he had saved yesterday. What's more, Yuuhi has just boldly asked him to show her around! Soon, the class speculates that Junichi and Yuuhi are dating. The girl denies it and gestures her need of help from Junichi but due to a misunderstanding, he mistakes her expression and promptly kisses her in front of everyone. All of a sudden, the shy and timid girl they knew instantly changed into a raged one who didn't hesitate in beating up poor Junichi. To add to her misery, Yuuhi finds out that her father is so grateful to his friend that he arranged his daughter to marry his son. And guess who's Yuuhi's "lucky" fiance? Yup, the Genokiller himself, Junichi!

By princessmeyrin023

Site: http://mmv.co.jp/special/akasaka/

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    Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka

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Member Opinions

Dancerinthedark Dancerinthedark

it is a funny anime but the ending was bad also the characters are awful >__>
it is about a strong boy(who appears later that he is just an idiot)on his way back from school he saved a girl...and then it appears that the girl is the transfer student in his school,however she called him by his first name and all the students were shocked,
and then it seems that she must marry this boy because her parents told so...it is a romance,school anime
anyways it is a bad show :/

LonelyAmure LonelyAmure

Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka is an 18+ visual novel developed by Japanese VN Studios feng, and TNK (that real bad dxxksucking entertainment company) has made an anime adaptation of it.
One thing to say before I try to defile this review. Akasaka is a GREAT Visual Novel, I can see how feng took up the effort to make a story quite good. Rather than sticking it close to making it boring, the Visual Novel has some of the best CG scenes (Yutori walking into Nagomi riding you, the reaction, though deja vu, deserves a laugh), and some great storyline and character development. You've got your cute, perfect sister (who deep inside loves you more than just as a brother), your friends Fuyuhiko and Tsukasa (the silly people), and then you got this popular girl that looks a tad unique, Mitsuki, then you got the rich girl that sort of hates you, Yuuhi (Another Deja vu character if you ever watched Toradora), and then this alien girl named Nagomi. The VN deserves some serious love. (8.11 on VNDB!!!) It's not as popular as it's supposed to be.
Anyway, the anime, in a simple word, is shoddy. Course! You got a great voice acting cast, who can't say that this won't end bad, you got lovable characters. However, TNK just HAD to make it bad when it could have been excellent. They just had to. The anime, though art is quite great, the voice acting is candy to listen to, just simply is terrible. Half of the time you will get so sick of Yuuhi trying to stereotype herself in front of Junichi, and Junichi doesn't help either. The main character's supposed to do something, please? At least in the VS, he was comical. This is self egotistical, little boys. Anyway, as it should have deserved a ton of fanservice, it didn't, and TNK has completely defiled a great japanese studio's great work. It is simply deafening to hear this because most people like the anime, and the characters! What's not to like about an alien girl showing up out of nowhere and a busty journalist that throws jokes at you pretty often?
And he loves his sister back?! WHAT?! NOT EVEN!
Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka is an anime that is shoddy. TNK has decided to make it bad, but I'm excitedly waiting for feng's next installment of their VN series, Hoshikaka, and also, I hope they don't sign their works to some bad anime entertainment company like TNK. God, some people.

stargem stargem

Its a great love/comedy series.
The first episode REALLY hooks you into the series and it never lets up.
I think the series has a great plot, that also leaves unknown points that allow you to make up whatever theory you want to have for some of the characters.

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