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Shimazaki Shimazaki

At the beginning the main Heroine is kinda annoying but it all vanishes after a few episodes, the story is great and animations are well made and even if it appear to be like one of the Otome-games from the outside the anime itself sure got less love story then i first thought and is definitly worth watching

Blue-Crescent Blue-Crescent

Akatsuki No Yona is like a combination of InuYasha and Fushigi Yuugi for me. It is a story with beautiful storyline that unified the Japanese, Chinese and Korean culture. Following the series, I came to love so much Yona's character development. From being a weakling princess who's grounded to the walls of their kingdom into becoming a warrior who has seen a lot of sufferings and calamities experienced by the commoners. I love how some parts of the series is about women empowerment and that men should protect women as reflected by the presence of the dragons. I also admire how the characters are well-made and their tragic backstories seem to clench the heart in many ways. Also, i admire the chaste love story between Hak and Yona and how Hak seems to keep his feelings for her. Above all, I really love this series and must be one of the best anime of this generation. I highly recommend it for people with a heart for shoujo, harem, contemporary fantasy and adventure as Akatsuki no Yona is a perfect combination of all these genres.

evilxangel evilxangel

Very enjoyable funny loving characters. Designs are very bright and colorful I love it. Yeah the show has it ups and downs but it was entertaining different and cant wait for another season specially if they keep up the good music!

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