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Howtwosave's Akazukin Cha Cha Tv Review

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Rated: 10

This anime is definitely worth watching and re-watching. Practically all the eps have re-watch VALUE and there is 74 eps so obviously there's lots of stuff to re-watch.

It is such a good feel-good anime and it will make you laugh hysterically at times.

I know those new ones that are supposed to be comedy (from all the rabid fans) but then I find out they really aren't, only a few laughs out of one ep but this anime just keeps going and going with the jokes. It actually makes me laugh hysterically.

I'm especially fond of it since I saw it when I was a kid and then re-watching and enjoying and laughgin hysterically still.

Recommended if you want to watch something that'll cheer you up, have you laughing hysterically, and if you want something cute.

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Member Opinions

Blue-Latte Blue-Latte

The characters are super cute (so they easily become likable) and this show is often hilarious. I really enjoyed it when I was younger. It's about a cute little magician who is terrible at magic, but she's raised by the best wizard in the world. I definitely recommend this anime for young people who are looking for a funny anime series. ^^d


it's a cute magical story and pretty funny too. most of the characters are young children, but they are lovable characters and it complements the story plot as it includes the hardship faced by these children.

creative character and plot.

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