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Jinnai's Akira Tv Review

Rated: 6

Intellectually, I am aware of how groundbreaking Akira was when it was first published in Japan in 1982. I know how it has influenced not just comic artists around the world since then, but writers and filmmakers as well. I can see the innovation in Otomo's layouts, in his cinematic sense of style, and in the breakneck pacing of the story.

However, it's now the year 2001, and while I give Otomo props for making something big and new nineteen years ago, most of the graphic storytelling techniques he pioneered in this work have become commonplace in today's comics and graphic novels. Thus I'm really only concerned with whether or not Akira holds up as a story in its own right, here and now. I am pleased to report that it does so quite admirably.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

Story wise, it cut way too much from the original manga, and could've been at least a movie trilogy, but visually I was impressed. Akira is truly a landmark film from all the work and money that went into making the movie. The 2001 Pioneer dub is just as enjoyable as the original Japanese version, so if you love dubs then the 2001 version is the one to go for and not that god-awful Streamline version. I'd say hold onto your Pioneer Special Edition DVD set if you still have it for the plethora of extra features that the FUNimation release left out, such as the Akira Production Report. This is also an anime I consider an essential title to see, so I do recommend Akira for the general audience to see as Akira is a noteworthy classic.


This show was a technical milestone for anime back in the day, and you can see how it achieved it's high ratings due to it's colorful and detailed art style, but I can't help but feel a bit disappointed by the story, It leaves some things to be desired, but I guess that's what the manga is for.

darkmage530 darkmage530

Akira was a mind blowing experience that I don't really know how to fully describe. At this point watching it for the first time is difficult because you have already set up expectations for it. You've heard how it's considered one of the greatest anime movies of all time and that it practically revolutionized the western interest in anime. That all being said it is very easy to expect that absolute best and then feel a little disappointed when it is over. It is a great watch and will forever be remembered for what it did to the industry I just wasn't crazy about it.

Cirru Cirru

Ironically, I accidentally saw part of this (Kaneda on his bike and racing on the street/highway) when I was 6 years old or so... but could not remember what it was for a lot of years. Finally when it came out on DVD, there was Kaneda on his bike covering the DVD case. It was like bridging a gap. This has so much depth to it and interesting technology at certain points. Purely a classic.

rotten180 rotten180

Okay so this is actually a old movie, infact there are mangas, as for animes i am not sure. But as to rate this, i am rating the movie itself, not the manga or anime if there is one. Alright so the movie is based in the future where there is improved technology, however society is split between the high class and low class dramatically. The story is based around teenagers as most anime or anime movies are based on anyway. That is you shall see them go on with their lives in school and what they do. In my opinion i feel that this was also made in the way people had protrayed the future then. But as to the movie itself, i do not think it may be for everyone for there are some scenes that made me uncomfortable.

lvlz26 lvlz26

At the beginning you see just a typical anime movie about a gang and then.......HOLY CRAP!! A lot of super natural elements are in this movie. This movie started ok then ended amazing i really liked it.

aureawolf aureawolf

Otomo-sensei is one of those huge institutions that you have to respect, he really is. They usually say that Akira was an important break back in those days, but I think that it keeps current, valid and active... The idea of this post-apocalyptical world, the supreme stupidity of the dirigent class when they try to control this immense power, the misery, the brutality amidst the technology. It's just one of the most illustrative postmodern manifestos!

shigeru5 shigeru5

Directed and written by Katsuhir Otomo Akira is one of the best anime pictures of all times. The story is complex and well thought out. The animation is top notice and recent shows can’t even come close to the detail in Akira or should learn form it. The detail in the buildings in the background and the designs of the bikes are top notch. Many manga and anime artist do say that Akira influenced them, such as the great and late departed Satoshi Kan. Akira has not gotten so much hype for no reason. The movie is set in a post war setting where Japan was destroyed and motorcycle gangs crowd the over populated streets of Neo-Tokyo. There are many underlying themes that help add to the story like that of over population, economy war and post-war, youthful rebellions, along with many other themes. The character’s develop well and grow through out the movie. Kaneda is my favorite character. His love for Tetsuo is admirable and his carefree attitude is well portrayed in the anime. How the story moves quickly and keeps building up all the way to a monumental ending that is praise worthy. I like watching the anime in Japanese with English subs but it is one of the few animes that has a good English dubbing with the new release in 2001. If you love anime this is a must see film but I think that everyone even who is not into anime should see it and will enjoy it.

kuzuryume kuzuryume

one of the first anime movie I saw... it is known as initiation movie for those who want to enter into the 'anime world', and not everyone understand it or see the greatness in it. original and interesting. A great recommendation ^^.

angelxxuan angelxxuan

late watcher of this but glad I finally got around to see it. I thought it was good, I mean based upon it's time, but I don't really see the big deal. sure it's an ideal piece to watch, but for some odd reason I was able to pay attention to it, I bought it, but still, I just don't know why some people are overly addictive to this. don't shoot me here die hard fans of this one.

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