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Miu Sakurai has been in love with Shion Amamiya, the most popular guy in school, for a long time, but is too shy to confess to him. When she does gather the courage to do it, he admits he doesn't think of her as anything other than a friend. One day while walking home from school, Miu enters a book store and comes across an old book of spells, which she feels compelled to buy. At home, she performs a spell and accidentally summons Satan himself! He vows to make Shion fall in love with her, but demands a special kind of payment in return: Miu's virginity.

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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pandemonium91 pandemonium91

Loved it at first, but after reading more shoujo it looks quite cliche. First manga by Mayu Shinjo that I've read, and still the best of hers, in my opinion, though all her works are weak, character-wise. The characters' actions may leave you facepalming (especially Miu's) and this manga requires a lot of suspension of disbelief, so take it with a grain of salt and try not to think about it too much. Half smut, half tall, brooding bishounen. [read my full review of it here]

aureawolf aureawolf

Meh... I actually liked Sex=Love2 more (Ironic, Ryo, with his 17 years is more sensual and tempting than Satan himself...Ecchi-wise, S=L2 has more tastable material... what's that about?). The idea is not bad and it has nice details but... too include Lucifer as a tender, lovable boyfriend (for a grey, suffered, useless chick... do me a favor!)... it sounds kinda lame... We're talking about the Lord of Darkness, the Fallen Angel, aren't we? I mean, in the West we are taught about Heaven and Hell and stuff our whole life (wether we believe or not) and they picture us pretty hard core scenarios, so, from where I see it, it could be more difficult for us to believe this Disney-like story. If the sex scenes had been more explicit and creative... it could have worked better. But it's too soft, censored and weak so.. no, Kai may be a demon or whatever, but not the actual Evil Big Guy.

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