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Collection of oneshots:

1) Akuma no Sasayaki (Demon Whispers): Father Marlowe is happy just conducting sermons at the local church and helping others out, but finds himself in a pinch when he comes across Raoul Barclay, a strange man sporting horns and a tail!
2) Akuma no Himitsu (The Demon's Secret): Raoul finds out more about his past when his big brother, the incubus Baldur, pays him an unexpected visit. When the outraged Baldur suggests that Raoul make the priest his slave, Raoul refuses, but Marlowe begins having second thoughts: just how much of his feelings is real, and how much is magic?
3) Muda na Koto Shimasho! (We Do Useless Things!): teacher-in-training Shuuji Hagino is suddenly asked out by a stranger; he immediately refuses and punches him out, but that doesn't deter him! Just when Shuuji thought he'd gotten away, the two meet again at school - and the guy, Kenya Sawatari, turns out to be his student!
4) Yuki ga Kitaru Mae ni (Before Winter Comes): when Yuba confessed to Tomono at their high school graduation ceremony, he promised he'd wait for his answer. But it's been a long time since he confessed and he still hasn't gotten even one sign from Tomono....
5) Akumatachi no Himitsu (Secret of the Demons): Baldur is reprimanded by his father for not being able to bring Raoul back to Hell. He also runs into Zahan, the lover he hadn't seen in half a century. Zahan, who'd been cheating on him left and right, has a few surprises in store for Baldur!

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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pandemonium91 pandemonium91

I enjoyed reading this, all the stories are good in their own way and there is some variation: not all feature sex and not all are comedies or supernatural-themed, which provides a nice change of pace. The art is beautiful and clean, as we're used to seeing from Hinako Takanaga. All in all, it's worth reading if you're looking for some funny and touching yaoi with a plot!

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