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Tokaku Azuma is the latest addition to Miyojo Academy, and she's here to target one person: the very optimistic and cheerful Haru Ichinose. However, their classmates are all assassins too, and they're also out to get Haru! Caught between the new-found friendship and the need to succeed, what will Tokaku do when it's time to fulfill her mission?

Description by pandemonium91.

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Member Opinions

banraider banraider

This is the first anime I like with the main characters are females, I like all of them, they all are awesome, each episode is a masterpiece, but ep. 6 and 7 are jewels, I never expect Shouto story will be like this, her ep idea was amazing, all the rest of eps are also amazing, the ending was more than great, I was so happy when Namatame and Hitsugi were alive, as for the ending songs of each ep , that idea was brilliant, I like all the songs, but my best song is "Poison me", the anime was fantastic and if there was more than 10 I will vote for it.

SevaVioletShadow SevaVioletShadow

I wonder why any one doesn't like this anime, even in MyAnimeList they rated it low, why ? the anime is exciting and interesting, except it doesn't containing ecchi or boys doesn't means that u won't watch it ? i liked the anime very much, it's all like a big riddle, the main character Haru and her guardian Tokaku are cool characters, and the songs in every ep is singed by some characters is awesome, i liked "Poison me" song in Ep 6, i recommend this anime.

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