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Shouta Naruse's policy is simple: he may be a playboy, but he won't lay a hand on minors. This is utterly painful for him, as his (oblivious) crush, Hisashi Ichii, is still underage. Luckily, there's only one month left until Hisashi's 18th birthday, but will Shouta be able to hang on to his sanity until then?
Extra: Fuuta pays a visit to his brother during Shouta and Hisashi's "relationship break".

Features the oneshot "Tactics": Chikato Kurosawa breaks up with the very popular Kanade after he finds out he'd been cheating on him. To his own surprise, Kanade is more affected by it than he thought...

The "Akuma" series is:
1) Kawaii Akuma (featuring Shouta's brother, Fuuta)
2) Itoshii Akuma (follows the events of Kawaii Akuma)
3) Akuma wa Hohoemu

Credit: pandemonium91

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pandemonium91 pandemonium91

Not one of my favorites or even among the ones I'd like to re-read in the future. My main gripe with this is the unrealistic relationship between Hisashi and Shouta; sure, it's yaoi, and I don't dislike oblivious or possessive characters, but I felt the two had zero chemistry. There are quite a lot of WTF moments and even though the words are censored, it doesn't take a lot of imagination to figure out what's going on. The bad points outweigh the good ones, though, and even the (unrelated) oneshot at the end was more interesting than the main story.

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