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Shimazaki Shimazaki

One of my Favorite, even if the main character is one of those who are unbeatable from the beginning at least its the impression he made its still suits the atmosphere. Story is great and the music amazing but the love story i waited while seeing the anime never showed up even if points clearly pinpoint some developments nothing will actually happen in a romantic way

kyanbu kyanbu

A Pretty decent average length Mecha Anime. Not super amazing or really ground breaking. But I did love the way they handled a few things with the show. Namely, victories through tactics rather then simply having the better mech, among other details I won't spoil. And in case of Super Proto types things are explained enough to justify wins/losses. The Sound Track is great and the characters are alright.

Missty-chan Missty-chan

Good ideas but way too clich├ęd and predictable. This is not the best mecha I saw, far from it. But it's a good anime.
I was just a little fed up with the way they used Asseylum. Too many cliffhangers, kill them.

minayuri minayuri

Urobuchi is bad at crafting a SF series that it isn't worthy of being a space opera especially with so many characters getting so little development other than the mains and the plot development being haphazard. SF legends like Yoshiyuki Tomino and Ryosuke Takahashi would shake their heads in disbelief at such a poor effort. Stuff like Layzner and Turn A Gundam are far better than this. Both Slaine and Inaho were not great characters with Slaine being a walking contradiction and Inaho having a bland personality. The songs of this series were really good and loved the ones by Kalafina and Eir Aoi, it's the only thing I liked about this series.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

Pretty good so far. Inaho and Slaine together is a bad-ass team, combat-wise only though. Love the soundtrack so far ^^ But Slaine is way too emotional & quick to jump to conclusions. Keep in mind that both times in his encounters with Inaho, he is always the first one to pull out his gun. He is indeed a walking contradiction. The second season, while I kinda wanted Slaine to die, I think in a more twisted kinda way he got what he deserved.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

This season's Code Geas. I really recommend every fan of Code Geas and Guilty Crown to check it out.
Story goes that our ancestors has migrated to Mars in Ancient times. Recently, while working on the moon, man discovered a portal to Mars.
That portal provides a gateway to the Martians to attack Earth. But war was halted and a peace emissary was sent to Earth. The Martian Princess herself came to earth to present their good intentions. All hell break loose when some corrupt Martian clan leaders frame earthlings of princess's death.
Quite enjoyable. ^^

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