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Alice Seno, a high school student, saved a rabbit from being run over on a busy intersection, but at the same time her long time crush Kyou Wakamiya also saved her from the dangerous on coming traffic. Safe and sound, the rabbit ran off after the rescue, and when Alice found it again it discovered that it was in fact a rabbit-girl named Nyozeka who revealed to Alice that she is in fact a master of the sacred Lotis words
Alice learns that she can travel into the inner heart and destroy the darkness within other peoples' hearts. She reunites with Kyou after the discovery that he also is a Lotis Master, when he rescued her from being "kidnapped" by Frey, a Norwegian Lotis guide who wished to marry her.
The course of the relationship is further complicated when Alice discovers a darker side to her powers by accidentally sending her sister Mayura to the darkness of her heart during an argument about the revelation that she had dated Kyou. However, Mayura can also cast powerful word spells as she has been possessed by Darva, the leader of darkness and Maram words! Together Kyou, Alice, Frey & other Lotis Guides must master all 24 words of the Lotis and find the "Lost Word" to save the world and Mayura from Darva.

Based on the synopsis by edelriclvr.

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Kukuru's Alice 19th Manga Review

Rated: 7

I became interested in this manga around the time I was heartily obsessed with anime like Cardcaptors and Sailor Moon, which was a good few years ago. Then just recently, I decided to finish reading it.

The idea of 'words containing power', Lotis Masters and people learning to deal with bad things in the past were nice story concepts, but the romance, though nice to see develop, had me a little restless and edgy; and while I do quite like the art, there was perhaps a few little over detailed parts. The humor was nothing more than a smile jerker and while there was also a bit of action with Lotis and Maram words conflicting against each other, it did not have me on the edge of my seat.

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Member Opinions

aureawolf aureawolf

I've read various mangas from Watase-sensei gladly (I'm an honest fan), but I was bitterly dissappointed by this one. I understand the roll that every stereotipycal character must play in this shoujo manga, but enough is enough, this one is very poor: Why is there always have to be so many secrets? Why does the lame heroine always have to put up with everything so selflessly and quietly? Can't it work out without all those cheesy resources? I mean, for a story where words are the most important thing, communication is the greatest absent. Tanpopo wasn't that weakling, neither Takiko... So? And what's that sick possesiveness thing about? "Steal a boyfriend"? Dude... he's not a thing, he has a free will, hasn't he? "Love always hurt"? I disagree. If the situation hurts, makes you miserable and torments you... for ME, that's not love (it has turned into something else). Who knows? Maybe I personally disliked it so strongly because I happen to have a younger sister and she's my adoration, I would NEVER choose anyone before her. To even think that the presence of some guy may destroy or weaken the bond between sisters... it makes me sick. As for the rest, in my opinion, anyone who see themselves as a poor victim and think that all humans are the same (or feel ashamed of human condition) is a boring mental weakling.

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