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Be careful what you wish for, because it could cost you your life!
Alichino are beautiful creatures that can grant you any wish you want, but in exchange they take your soul! Luckily, there are special humans called kusabi which have the power to kill Alichino. If either kills the other, they get stronger.
One such kusabi, Tsugiri, cannot remember his past. The Alichino are especially attracted to him, and he does not know why.

Will Tsugiri remember his past, and find out about his mysterious relation with the beautiful Alichino?

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Member Opinions

DokiDokiChan DokiDokiChan

I never start series I know will never be finished, but Alichino's art was so gorgeous I couldn't help myself. Alichino has three volumes released and, for unknown reasons, was abandoned by the mangaka. For those with the spark of hope this will be finished, I would quench that-- it's been years. The series was clearly meant to be many more volumes, from what I can tell from the progression of the plot
But even unfinished this is a fantastic manga (if the lack of an ending doesn't drive you crazy). The art and story have a slight gothic-style feeling, and plenty of characterization and mystery builds up in three volumes.
Overview: Never to be finished, and it's a shame because the art is beautiful and the plot was intriguing.

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