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Alone in My King's Harem

Alone in My King's Harem Series

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Collection of oneshots. The first four are fantasy, the rest are more realistic.

1) Harem de Hitori (Alone In My King's Harem): the king of a small country ends up falling in love with Hanabishi, a concubine from his harem. But when the king goes to war against other countries, his harem increases and Hanabishi is soon forgotten.
2) Night Circus: Hibana, an acrobat, keeps having a dream about falling from the trapeze. The other acrobats tease him about it, so he seeks comfort somewhere else.
3) The Sea Bed of Night: Dulced Ficus doubles as a circus and brothel which promises its customers "a dream for just one night". Prince Guidneed visits it in place of his father. It is there that Lullus, the servant who accompanies him, discovers a different and bizarre world.
4) The Adventure of a Canary: Juno becomes a regular client at a bar after being enchanted by Canary, the young boy who sings there. One night, after leaving, he bumps into Canary on the street. He seems to be running away from someone, so Juno hides him and listens to his story.
5) Michiru Hada (Mature Flesh): Souichi Hidaka is a playboy who will sleep with anyone as long as they look good. What will he do when student council president Okabe asks him to sleep with him?
6) Urumu Hada (Moist Flesh): the continuation of "Mature Flesh". Souichi confesses to Okabe, who can't believe his luck.

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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Member Opinions

aozoraskies aozoraskies

Shounen-ai that you can read without realising it is - because those boys just can't be boys, really, in the first few chapters. o-o
However, this is one of Lily Hoshino's prettiest and safest works (barring the last two chapters), and I liked the fantasy touches. And oh fine, I liked it safe then. >3> The master-slave kinks in the other stuff she writes just isn't my thing hmm kay?
The art is so beautiful though....

Lily Hoshino + fairy-tales - heavy master-slave torture = GOOD. 'Nuff said.

pandemonium91 pandemonium91

Overall it was a pretty good read, I enjoyed the fantasy aspect of the series and the first story had that fairytale-like atmosphere. On the downside, the ukes are drawn quite girly so it's easy to mistake them for the opposite gender if you aren't aware this is yaoi.

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