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Tokidoki Rikugou (or simply Toki) is an easy going guy who finds out one day that he has failed his Japanese history class and must make it up by accomplishing a term paper. So Toki, along with the other students who failed, ventures to a museum that offers a very advanced and high-tech way of teaching history to students. By simply wearing a special pair of goggles, the guests are placed in a simulated place that is a perfect replica of Edo period. At first, Toki was having fun but after encountering a magical being that attacks him, Toki realizes that he wasn't wearing his goggles anymore but he is still inside Edo. Later on, Toki becomes a candidate to be the god Teiten because of his power.

Contributed by princessmeyrin023

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Member Opinions

xNotUnderstood xNotUnderstood

This was a short anime, but it was great! i kept me guessing "whats going to be next?" and all
it stayed a long with the first few chapters, but ended.

The manga is great as well! such a changing a vent and all, a better past on some characters as well


Amatsuki is a rare manga with both an interesting storyline and beautiful artwork. Besides the fact that sometimes it's storyline can get over-complicated (Due to Amatsuki's already complicated plot) it is definitely a great masterpiece that you won't regret reading.

odelya odelya

Seeing as the thirteen episodes of this series was more or less something of a sneak peek into the manga series, I think it was quite well done. It was full of humorous moments and lots of awesomeness. I had actually picked up the manga again after having watched the series, so I think it served it's purpose quite well, for me anyway.

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