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Mizutani and Arata Yuge are in a romantic student-teacher relationship...until Mizutani suddenly tells Arata there was "no way he could get serious with a student" and breaks off contact with him. To Mizutani's surprise, Arata shows up six years later at the high school he teaches at again - this time, as a teacher.

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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pandemonium91 pandemonium91

Seemed a bit rushed, so there wasn't too much time to flesh out the characters. Stuff happens and you don't really get to see the consequences; the characters tell you what happens instead (yay for forced exposition). The characters themselves feel like cardboard cutouts at times and there's not much development in terms of their personalities. The art is good, though, just like I'm used to seeing from Masara Minase. I recommend it because it's not bad per se, just mediocre, and only a oneshot, so it doesn't require much time and concentration.

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