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This tag is for characters that fall somewhere outside the binary gender system or whose gender cannot be determined. This includes:

- characters that are genderless or who are simultaneously both genders e.g. Kohaku from Wish is genderless, and Sakis from Lagoon Engine is both male and female until they transition to the gender of their choice.

- transgender individuals whose physical sex does not match their mental gender.

- characters whose gender can truly not be discerned. This does NOT mean "girly men" or "manly women", but entirely androgynous figures.

- characters that do not yet have a confirmed gender by canon in the series they are in. Hange Zoe from Attack on Titan, although confirmed to be female in the anime, could be either gender as of now in the manga.

Please note that this tag is NOT for characters that cross-dress or look like the other gender. Also see: Gender Bender.

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