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Fallenkaze's Angel Beats! Tv And Ova Review

Rated: 9

Angel Beats! Is always interesting, I was hooked from start to finish which took about a week. I actually stopped at episode 11 because I didn't want it to end but eventually I had to finish it. While I won't spoil anything the ending is the only anime ending i've ever shed a tear to. Key uses many different tactics to get the viewer to truly care about the characters, besides the pure sympathy used with the main characters, humor is effectively used with sub-characters. Even though these characters never get the spotlight you will probably remember things about each one.

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minayuri minayuri

The only things I liked about this series was Yuri Nakamura and Iwasawa, the latter had too little a role and I felt she should've been around longer than she was. Yuri is the best heroine of this series because I like her witty charm and her natural leadership qualities. She also has a fun personality and would be great to have as a friend with her outgoing nature. I was disappointed that Yuri wasn't paired with Otonashi, I felt they had better chemistry. I also don't see what's so great about Kanade Tachibana, I felt she was a rather bland character and didn't have anything compelling about her. Now that a VN is made for this series, I think an anime remake would be nice to see happen...just as long as it ends with Otonashi x Yuri as a couple.

Sinistra Sinistra

love my anime and well this one was one of the greats. Only being 13 episodes long it was a tear jerker. With the full on comedy aspect of this show, It was a fresh take on an anime with the bright colors and even the great visuals

If you are looking for fan service in this one I hate to disappoint but you will have to go somewhere else for your swimsuit fetish. no ecchi either. so for those hentai’s out there this is a no go for you.

The storyline was original from any other anime that I have seen. this is not a Bleach or a Death Note anime but it was still good. I would suggest this anime to anyone looking into getting into anime. I will warn you though the ending is sad. so have a box of tissues nearby! I mean i am a 33-year-old man and if an anime like this can make me a bit teary-eyed then yes you are in for a great show.

Marvolo Marvolo

so tell me people where exactly this suppose to be sad?
At the ending? Please it was boring as hell.

Yeah backstories of characters were good but nothing to cry over.
Plus Tenshi was so annoying with her being so emotionless, Otonashi was nothing special and Yuri was meh


for a show about the after life its really good. the characters are cool to.

I love the twist with Angel near the end. Some humorous moments. The character development, although short, was well done as well.

darkmage530 darkmage530

Angel Beats! this was a show I absolutely loved. I know a lot of people will rip into Angel Beats for inconsistencies and a multitude of other problems. And like air it was an emotional roller coaster. Despite all the problems I loved this show. I loved the characters, the music, the setting, the plot, the twists, the ending. I loved almost everything about this show. And why else do we watch anime if not for enjoyment. It may not be the best show out there but it will forever be considered one of my favorites.


A nice action comedy anime to me... The characters are cool and the story also is great.. Even though it is a short series containing 12 episodes I think, it really makes me happy. There's some certain episodes that makes me laugh and it is really cool.. There's also some episodes thats makes a melancholy effect.. The ending is awesome I had a mixed emotions in it. Its a nice series, and worth watching..

Hogami Hogami

simply wonderfull! i don't have many word for describe it... just touch me... kidna depth too...
i strongly suggest this series, even for who don't like too much the gender. i think this series worth a lot

Chikaru-chan Chikaru-chan

One of the best anime which I saw. The best part of this anime in my opinion is story. It tells about at first how can look life after life. Two, how God could create world which we really do not know. Three, this is story about good things like: friendship, a second chance, but also about more sad things: partings or lost happiness.
I liked all the characters that were in the anime. At the most one of main characters - Yuzuru Otonashi. At first he came to the new world, not knowing anything, and gradually discovered not only himself but also his previous life on Earth.
The good thing about this anime is also... music. I enjoyed both - opening and ending (ending maybe a little more because song and video is very beautiful and touching). Music from soundtrack is also very good - some motives are played on guitar. They are quite memorable.
On average, I liked same ending of this reason, I take away a bit for a final evaluation of the anime.
Anime has happy, funny moments and also very sad, squeezing tears moments. I can confidently recommend this anime to anyone. Everyone will find something for themselves in it.

HatedAngel HatedAngel

Well one day I got bored on Netflix and decided to try a random anime out, this was the one. It's mostly entertaining when it comes to comedy for me. The plot kinda has an odd concept for me, expecielly at first seeing that it was an army of high schoolers going after one girl. Things make a little more sense later on but weird plots don't bug me too much. I don't love it, I don't hate it, I'm just meh.

pikachu36 pikachu36

So I finished this show with mixed feelings about it due to the end. I can't really say anything bad about the show. I really liked the art work and let alone I love the plot for it. To me it was worth watching and I could not have been happier with the show. The only thing that lost me in dissarray was the ending....the ending was done so perfect... I loved it and though it was fantasic but also sooo sad I had mixed emotions at tht part and didn't know weather to be sad or be all like awww because of them and there love. It was one hell of a ride and I would deff own the series and watch it again and again.

Miss-chan Miss-chan

Angel Beats is a great mix of different elements that turned out to be brilliant. With “immortal” characters, different weapons and a great animation, the story is involving and captured me completely from the first episode. There were pure epic fight scenes, mainly with Yuri, AKA “Haruhi Suzumiya with a heart”, but it also exceeded in comedy at many moments and also drama. I cried, laughed, and got impressed with the animation on some tenshi (angel) scenes. The more we understood of the objectives of the world, in which the story is told, the more we wanted to know the past of each character, and that’s where the story could be better. In 12 episodes it’s hard to tell the past of each character, but I think there was so much story to be told, like how everyone died or something. And the last episode focused on the emotional so much that the story got slow and very different than the rest of the episodes. In summary, it was great, worth to watch, but the length ruined it a little. How shallow minded!

riho88riho riho88riho

I have to say at first I thought there'd be little to no plot or a lot of fan service. But I was surprised that not only was there little fan service, but it was actually a serious anime and not just full of stupid episodes of filler. No, the series had a plot and a point it was trying to make the whole time. The characters and their developments were small (due to it being only 13 episodes) but they were very different from one another and remember-able. The ending was surprisingly well done and very good, but heart breaking all at the same time. This series really touched me and I think it could do the same for anyone who'd let it.

Dancerinthedark Dancerinthedark

first I started watching Angel Beats because of two main reasons: the Graphics, and the main chracters. But once I began watching the show in earnest, I found a lot more here than I expected. Angel Beats is a show about an afterlife,in which group of dead students fight against the Tenshi(angel)and refuse to move on to the next life,because they need to be more independent and they wanna know why they are in afterlife and what is the reason.
the story began with Otonashi(the main character)who wakes to learn that he is already dead,he lost his memory,he only remember his name,they join to the group with the violent girl(Yuri)and fight the Tenshi and to know why he came to this life and how he died.

orange-lisa orange-lisa

A very original plot, centered on the afterlife world. The main characters are all dead, guys who had a cruel life and died without fulfilling their dreams, sent in a world where they learn to accept their memories and pass on. But there are those who fights against God for the pitiless fates they had. That said, it may seem absurd that this is also a very funny anime! I really laughed heartily! So much sadness mixed with a sincere humor with simplicity, that’s exactly what struck me the most: it’s amazing how they managed to make a very sad story so funny without falling into the ridiculous and so touching without being pathetic. Yet the reflections, thoughts, feelings coming at the end... can shake the heart. A wonderful and deep story. The characters are all very nice and enjoyable, led by a very charismatic leader: Yurippe (I loved that nickname!). Wonderful the opening with Tenshi playing the piano, lovely the ending (in both images change depending on the episode) and all the band's songs are beautiful. Nice the preview of the following episode with the voices that overlap, you can’t understand anything! The anime ends up leaving many unanswered questions and many characters shrouded in mystery, yet I didn’t have at all the feeling of being left suspended... There are only 13 episodes, but I don’t think more were needed, because there’s no need to add anything else.

YURI NAKAMURA: "I don’t really care if I become a water flea or whatever, all I want to do is fight God if he really does exist. It’s just too unreasonable, we hadn’t done anything wrong."

kawaii89 kawaii89

Kanade is not *angel* . Hehe.. in the real life she was sick but she alive bcoz of Yuzuru heart. Ow..i cry for the end of the story(season1) when they hug each other n Kanade gone. sad. I try my best to find the season2! Huhu

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