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Twenty-six years ago, in a third-year classroom of Yomiyama Middle School, there was student named Misaki. Misaki was an honor student who was admired by classmates and teachers, that when Misaki suddenly died, the school acted as if that student was still alive until graduation. In spring 1998, fifteen-year old Kouichi Sakakibara moves from Tokyo to his late mother's hometown, but has to be hospitalized by a sudden pneumothorax. In the hospital, he meets a beautiful yet mysterious girl named Misaki Mei. After recovering, he is transferred into class 3-3, and soon becomes suspicious of the strange atmosphere around his classmates, who are still uneasy by the incident that took place twenty-six years ago.

Credit: Weskalia

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Member Opinions


Sometimes, I imagine and highly expect that the writer or the author has a very great concept, but as he develops the concept, it doesn't go so good and amazing!! This applies for this anime, I didn't enjoy it so much. It wasn't good enough for me.

LenoreDiKaat LenoreDiKaat

I'm not too fond of gorish animations, but this one I liked. The plot keeps you on edge most of the time and when the whole story behind the happenings at that school is finally revealed, you feel seriously disturbed. I loved the opening by The Ali Project, it gives the series a whole extra dosis of creepiness.

HatedAngel HatedAngel

WHen I first started the anime I thought it was going to be a slice of lie anime. This was actually because I saw a character that looked a lot like Mei in another anime that was obviously slice of life. But when I found out it was of the horror genre I wasn't disappointed at all. It does take a bit for the action to really start heating up. The ending however is worth the wait.

KazablanKa KazablanKa

in the beginning,i thought that this anime is SO not worth to be watched. What to call it? Stagy?
i just forced my self to watch it for the first 5 eps..but after ep 5 (or 6 don't remember) when things started, finally, getting interesting
well.. after that i couldn't stop watching it waiting for the ending.
for characters: i didn't like most of them, only liked Naoya Teshigawara -he's my fav type :3
but there's just one thing i'm wondering about (actually; more then one though) and this might be spoiler.. actually it IS:
.. why,again WHY misaki waited till the end to kill or announce that Reiko (Sakakibara's aunt) is the dead one even though she saw her getting killed before, why did misaki wait till lots of students die.. couldn't she kill her since the beginning!?
and i damn hate those bloody-death scenes. i mean,in this anime they show some really awful ways to die (i hope we would only rest in PEACE ;3)
Oh..one more thing.... is it only me or this anime has a couple similarities in art with Code Geass. after all the both animes has an awesome art out there, this is for sure.
Anyways, in case you'r a fan of Bloody stuff and So, then you'll surely like this one; So give it a good shot ^.^


This is an awesome mystery, thriller type anime.. I feel the chills by watching it (I've watch this alone and it is so cool , it feels that your a part of the story). The plot is good the mystery is a suspense and they really used their brain in solving the mystery.. Good background and Awesome characters. I really like the story and the mystery behind the deaths, very very surprising.. Great anime series in over all. Very worth watching..

todsen todsen

I wanted to check this anime out initially because of the art style, and when I saw that it's just a short series, I decided to give it a chance. But I was definitely caught off-guard and did not expect the series to be the way it is.

All I can say is... The director did a very VERY good job. Seriously. IMO, the suspense factor was consistently delivered all throughout. It really did gave me the creeps in the first couple of episodes, but still I got hooked because the scenes were so well-made. The only thing that was kinda off for me was when they started getting out of their minds and had gone berserk, lol. Still, it had a satisfying but sad ending. It's like, Final Destination: The Anime, just with more meaning... and hope.

Although I recommend that you skip the special episode and start this series in episode 1. You can save the special episode for last, if you want the series to have more impact. :)


This Anime I like, very well along the thread of the story. I like that the supernatural curse that happened in class 9 3 cant be explained. And gave me hurts when the sister of Mei dies. My favorite part is when they begin to kill each other in the camp.

orange-lisa orange-lisa

Horror anime, with a very original plot and nice characters. Protagonist is the third class of the ninth year of Yomiyama school, hit by a curse that kills the students because of the presence among them of a dead person. Despite some minor flaws in the course of events, the story can keep you bond until the end, guessing who the dead person is, who will die, what to do to break the curse.

MEI MISAKI: "Death is not kind. It’s dark, black as far as you can see, and you’re all alone."

pikachu36 pikachu36

So to be honest this was the first horror/ mystery anime that I have seen. It was good and I really like how it was really gory, It did take me a little while how ever to really figure out what the hell was going on in the story though....Other than that It left a great impression on me and makes me wonder if I should watch others like it. The one thing I did not understand was the two main characters were really close friends the more they spent time together after they both were being ignored by the other students and leaves you kinda wondering if you sense a little romance there, but then the way they leave it kinda hints at tht, but leaves it as for you to wonder and it really bothers me because I am really curious now and I will never know :(

renlilica renlilica

It's a must watch anime. If anyone is reading my watch list I'll suggest you to watch it alone during the night if you wanna enjoy the full thrill. It keeps your heart pounding throughout the whole series. And let me tell you something, you'll never guess it right. You mean, "guess what right?" well watch it and you'll know. Haha!!!

elisadevelon elisadevelon

A rather dark and gloomy anime, which you shouldn't watch if you don't like blood. The atmosphere of horror was preserved throughout the whole series and it was a real massacre at the end. Literally. I suppose that alomost half of the characters were killed (in quite an unpleasant manner, too). Everything was highly psychological and mysterious, including the protagonists, and the puzzling storyline was not resolved until the very end. Of course, the visual effects and the music also added to all the eeriness. The anime was definitely exciting to watch, following the steps of the hero and uncovering little by little the terrible truth behind all the tragedies happening in the show.

espada357 espada357

I loved this show. It reminded me of the Final Destination movies. So gore-y and awesome. I mean come on a chick gets an umbrella through her throat. So wicked. too bad though since i liked that girl and then she went all umbrella neck... haha who cares! its still in my top 3. but man the OVA now was so cool. I mean you find out what happened to make Mei need to go to the basement. Still love that part when she's walking down the hall with her doll in hand and Sakakibara asks her for her name, and she stops and doesn't even look at him and all you hear is "Mei. Misaki Mei." so creepy and wicked in its own way.

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

This anime was good because they relied a lot on visual elements to create an atmosphere of tension, mystery and horror. Though the story itself it's not that scary, they keep you on edge every episode, expecting something bad or scary to happen... I loved the OP, since it was by Ali Project, one of my favorite bands.

evelluchia evelluchia

i found this series pretty enjoyable though i think it would have done better as a movie then a series pretty good story it did keep things interisting and amasingly unlike alot of stories relates to its title

KiyanaIkebana KiyanaIkebana

It's one of my favorite anime 2012. I really like watching the genre mystery and a touch of horror!Before the Anime was broadcasting, I saw an anime scan of "another" on MT, I kept my eyes! The Graphic design was great, how we can see in the Anime too. The story is absolutelly mystery!! that's why the end of the anime was very shocking! In my opinion it's the best mystery anime :)

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