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orange-lisa orange-lisa

Keiichiro Tachibana, son of a wealthy family, decided to open a small western-style bakery, aided by a talented pastry chef and two eccentric waiters, with the aim of finding the man who kidnapped him when he was a child. The story revolves around the events of the four characters, while dealing with customers and with their lives.
Nice characters, nice story, but nothing special. I spent almost all the episodes drooling over those wonderful desserts! *.*

KEISUKE TACHIBANA: "Dear God, Dear Buddha, Dear Genius Pastry Chef Ono… please let me succeed!"

SilverCat-sama SilverCat-sama

The stories are good. It's about a man who openend a bakery/pastry shop even though he didnt like sweets. He said that he open it bcoz there will be a lot of woman customers, while in fact he want to meet his kidnapper who kidnap him when he was a kid. The kidnapper loves cakes. The police cant capured him. N he lost his memory about the kidnapper after he run away, so he cant remember all about the man who kidnap him except he always gave him cakes everyday.
And he have a pastry master for his shop, who looks kinda dull with his glasses. But when he didnt wear glasess n change his appearance (clothes), he looks so handsome. Even men will in love with him. Except the main character, the owner of the shop. Because he hates gays (kinda remind him of his kidnapper) n he told him to die when the Pastry master confessed his love to him when they were still in high school.
But now they work together. Besides them, they are also a teenage boy who is actually an ex-champ of Professional Boxing who loves cakes n wanted to work on the shop. Also a cool looking guy who in fact very clumsy n wanted to take care of his young master (the owner).
The animation not that great because not all of them is anime. Sometime there are also real life picture in there. It's kinda mixture. But still I like it. The cakes looks so delicious. They even made the live action version of this. ^^

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