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Shimazaki Shimazaki

Great Anime and one of my most Favorites. he Characters are made great and the romance parts is well done as well.
The story got some Drama elements but no real drama and is pretty easy to watch if you simply want a series to be slightly Naive and pure.

banraider banraider

Very awesome anime, the story about Kou and Futaba is great, Kou is amazing, he's looks like a cat, I like him very much, I liked the OP theme song very much ,also I like the other song used in the anime (I will), it's very awesome song, Futaba seems to have brain issues, why she keeps saying that she mustn't love Kou because her friend is in love with him???!! Futaba loved him from the very beginning, even if he's a little changed, that doesn't change the truth, any way, I hope the next season will be soon cause I hate any unresolved matters in the anime.

SevaVioletShadow SevaVioletShadow

I like the anime style so much, the drawing is beautiful, the music is awesome, i like the OP theme song, and the Insert Song, (I Will), Kou and Futaba are making a good couples, i liked the story line, i hope they making a second season, because i don't want to follow the manga, i prefer animation rather than reading manga, anyway, i liked the comedy in the anime and i liked Kou that's why i am giving rating 9.

princessmeyrin023 princessmeyrin023

I have only read the first 3 chapters since it's currently being scanlated. I really like the story! I think that's it all like quite the other shoujo series but the art and story appealed to me. If I get to understand Japanese (learn the language), then I would definitely buy this series. It's really good and I intend to read this until the end! I hope this won't get boring like other shoujo manga.

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