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There are actually two worlds: Assiah, the human world and Gehenna, the demon world. Contact between them is supposed to be completely impossible. And yet, somehow many demons are still able to come through. Rin Okumura is a 15-year old boy who’s always had the strange power to see demons. What Rin doesn’t know is he’s actually the son of Satan; the demon god and that Satan wants to take over his own son’s body to use as his vessel. After learning the truth, Rin actually decides to become an Exorcist and enrolls as a student at True Cross Academy in order to defeat Satan.

Credit: MisaSasekage

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Member Opinions

YuuichiYouko YuuichiYouko

This show and the manga is epic. The show has to be long because of the manga length so this show is going to be one of the best animes in 2011...I hope. I was some what right but this show would be alot better if it follow the manga. But it's only to more episodes of this anime. I want them to make a second season that follow the manga

KazablanKa KazablanKa

AnE is for sure a good anime...but it is not the best!
i don't know what was the thing that made me not in love with this show,but i felt it's a bit overrated!?
the story isn't really new,the "Exorcist" school was a thing i felt i wanted to see more of, i mean yeah, they do spend all their time in school, but i wanted to see them training, getting better and what so.
for Characters, well...i actually didn't like rin in beginning but when the show kept on, i found myself liking him more.
in fact, i like both "Okumura twins"!
yup,i liked Yukio too,i don't know why though,i mean he's not really handsome and i never looked at him as a 15 years old dude (really, i felt like he's over 30s!), and i though in beginning that he's the smiley face one, but it seemed no
to tell the truth, this one (Yukio) had his moments,i mean,i liked him first (before i watch the anime), then i hated him in ep 3 then i liked him after that,then i hated him in the last episodes before the final cuz i liked him in that one! =.=
and the same for other characters,but i ended up liking them all,but ranked!!
Finally,let me say this:Go for it and watch it.
yeah,it worths after all,it's funny,adventure anime and other things makes you keep on going *.*

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

I saw commercials for this show as the previous season of anime was wrapping up. I even read a bit of the manga, just the first few chapters before I quit because I didn't really want to spoil too much of the anime. The supermarket job and the subplot of Yui were anime only. In the manga, he simply gets confronted by the bullies as he walks towards the job. I feel the addition of the market and Yui did a lot for Rin as a character, fleshing him out with the struggles of his ineptitude to do things (except being excellent at cooking), and emphasizing how much of an innate good will he possesses. I think the pacing was a bit slow. The series is doing very well in terms of ratings and BD/DVD sales, and the manga is selling well in the US. I am also reading the manga as new chapters come out so I do know that the manga is nowhere near far enough along to support a second season of the anime. So which direction does A-1 choose – an anime-original ending, or perhaps a total “jump break” like Deadman Wonderland with the intent of waiting at least two years and hoping the audience is still there? I'm hoping this show will NOT do an original ending and wait awhile for the manga to get further ahead and then continue, picking up where they left over with a second season. Honestly speaking, I am hoping that the studio will take the FMA route and create an AnE Brotherhood version when the manga ends. So I'm getting the feeling that what's going on now is just filler. Because they don’t seem to be doing any of the character development that happened in the manga. Thus I think they are just creating a filler arc that will end without much actually having changed and them able to continue the story afterwards. I think they are not doing an anime original ending with how things look right now. They are only following the somewhat same character development as the manga, but adding some filler plot that they can end this season. They can then start a new season by following the original plot, but leaving out the character development that they have already done. The omakes are really funny too^^

pikachu36 pikachu36

This show was really something. I was skeptical of it at first and forgot about it for awhile before coming back and finishing it. Overall I thought it was an interesting take on a show and one I deff have never seen before. Personally I felt like it took quite a bit to get started, but once it did, it grabbed my interest right away, my only problem is I feel that the ending was rushed. They had a lot going on an to fit it all in so fast an make it work though was impressive, though I felt as if the series could be a bit longer. Perhaps there will be a season two???

Summer67 Summer67

I loved this series! Though it's hard not to dislike anything bones takes a venture in for me. I thought the story and plot was well written and the characters were all likeable in some way, even the not so nice ones.

The comedy was timed nicely and kept things light at times, as well as it seemed to have the right amount of seriousness with action packed fights and battles. The aspiring exorcists try their hardest to overcome evil, while learning their strengths and weaknesses. They also must learn to work together and lean on each other when needed.

darkmage530 darkmage530

Started out good but has started to drag on and many of the episodes feel very much like typical shounen fillers. The ending is fast approaching and I'm not sure what to think of the ending. It feels kind of forced and thus uninteresting. I just don't really care what happens to any of the characters and that is a shame.


This is so sad, cute, emotional and exactly show for my taste.
There are only 2 things I can't stand
1.Yukio having Satans powers, I mean that IS Rin's thing???
2.Shiemi being annoying. I mean she is adorable and everything...But sometimes she just gets on my nervs...

shinotenshi shinotenshi

Watched the whole anime, and it's not bad considering the manga's unfinished so the plot deviates about halfway through. Still, good animation and the movie was also really good. The manga is also great.


I really liked. I love Rin, he is perfect. I love everything that has to do with demons and stuff. This is very well done. But the end does not leave me satisfied. I expected more from this anime, I hope the second season forward.

HatedAngel HatedAngel

I first started this on the anime then moved to the manga and stayed there after the anime went the filler direction. The manga is up there with the mangas I am at least a little eager for when it comes to updates. Good action, good characters (except Shura, I hate her), all in all I give it an 8.

Nalataia Nalataia

For now, a very good anime. Maybe its plot it is not as original as it can be, but characters are very good and graphics are really nice.

The main character is so warm-hearted... but a little naugthy (he remembered me of Monkey D.Luffy).

Manga series has, for now, 6 volumes so it's most likely there'll be "extra seasons not related to the original manga".

I don't want to make spoilers but, according to the manga, Ao no Exorcist would be one of the most important premiers of this

season. Had the anime followed exactly the same way manga has, Ao no Exorcist would be really awesome and great.

At the end, it has turned to the worst. Shame on them!

elisadevelon elisadevelon

An anime dealing with exorcism which is not a very original theme but it's definitelly worth watching. It provides a fresh perspective on the subject, and a lot of fun thanks to the (sometimes unbelievably) stupid hero Rin. The plot is exciting and deals with the idea of what would happen if Satan's son decided to kick his father's ass and became an exorcist. Since Rin is a demon, it isn't easy for him to fit in society, and especially not in the society of exorcists. Yet he is able to make new friends, who form a group of very likeable characters together. The show is missing a real ending and I really hope it will continue one day just like the manga does.

xChibiSakura xChibiSakura

Nice story though with a somewhat cliché theme. The characters are enjoyable as well as their interactions. Reminded me a little bit of Mahou Sensei Negima probably because of some similarities between the characters.

kuryuki kuryuki

Love the manga
can't say the same for the anime
well the anime started out really good which made me read the manga, but the fillers really turned me away and I never went back to it.
But none the less it's very well animated~and the characters are pretty interesting :3

evilxangel evilxangel

This was a very entertaining anime.Characters were very likeable and funny.The plot was suppose to be very serious but I laughed all the way through.But it had its revealing moments were it made me impatient to see the next episode.

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