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Aiira Aiira

Every 60 years a new governing princess is chosen, but only a girl from the Hime Clan can take the position, but the Hime Clan has been lacking females for a long time now and a boy named Arata must posed for the role of the governing princess. During the ceremony the princess was betrayed by trying to kill Arata. As Arata tries to escape through the forest, he finds himself in modern day Japan where he meets Nao who claims to be his sister. Meanwhile a boy named Arata Hinohara who lives in modern-day Japan wonders around the forest as he tries to forget his painful past, as he aimlessly wanders around the forest where he realizes that he is no longer in Japan. While the two Arata switched roles, it is in their hands to protect themselves from the unknown place they have stumbled upon and to protect themselves. This is the story of two different people named Arata who somehow switched places while wandering aimlessly into the forest known as Kando.

kakashim kakashim

I've been reading the manga and I quite like it, so I'm glad they made it into a series. I just wished it was longer than 12 episodes (24 episodes would have worked a lot better). Just beware that there is no ending, so you'll need to read the manga to follow the story. Even thought, I enjoyed what I saw (it's always nice to see a manga you read animated).

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