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In the future, mankind has colonized the other planets of our solar system. Today's Mars is know as Aqua. After terraforming, the planet became covered in water. Our story takes place in one city on Aqua, known as Neo Venezia. Mizunashi Akari is a carefree girl journeyed to Neo Venezia from Manhome to become an undine (gondola rower and tour guide). Base on the manga by Kozue Amano, Aria seeks to uncover the simple life in an age where technology has made everything possible.

Credits: kawaiiguy

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Kawaiiguy's Aria Tv Review

Rated: 8

Of the many series I was anxious for, Aria stood out as one of my favorite. I was already a big fan of the manga, which made me wonder how an animated version would turn out. Unlike Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, Aria made an extremely good transition between print and screen. The anime does well in capturing the simplicity and charm of the manga, while preserving the message of the simple life. In today's wide range of magical girls, giant robots, sorcery, and in-your-face comedy, Aria stands out as a break from the norm. Less is more, or so they say.

As a testiment to the quality of the show, it is the only anime where I watch each episode from beginning to end without skipping. Each opening sequence is different and the ending theme brings the story to a close.

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Member Opinions

AngelKate AngelKate

I recently watched all three seasons of this and I loved it. Each of the characters are very endearing and the scenery is beautiful. It's a very peaceful and pleasant anime, it made me admire the lifestyle of the characters and want to live on the beautiful planet Aqua myself. <3

evelluchia evelluchia

this anime may be on the slow side but its good and more or less relaxing to watch ^-^ it doesent really seem to have a major story though it does take place on a feuture mars so thats pretty cool the place ware it takes place is very nice and resembles vennice i would love to visit there some day


This was one of the best plot driven series I have seen... because that it does not rely on fanservice or any blood and gore to get along... it is the story that instantly grabbed me and the the characters kept me watching it intently. It is sweet and all of that, but it never causes cavities - it is one of those good feeling sort of series that almost everyone could get into.

It is a bit of a departure for what I watch normally, but that should speak volumes for the series itself.


I really like the characters and the soothing setting. Unfortunately, the cats and the unrealistic "cutesy" emotional expressions detract from the show. However, season 3 (The Origination) was very charming and emotionally powerful.

ghost945 ghost945

appreciation of everyday living and experiencing. would have thought the topic dull but they executed it quite nicely. love the fact that all female characters' name starting with "A". the many scenes in both manga and anime are very scenic. these scenes taught me how to take a well balanced photo and developed my passion with photography. an unexpected outcome from watching anime.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

After watching about 63 animes full of action and extreme fantasy of super beings like Naruto, Bleach, and most of the anime, when i was about loose my mind and started freaken out, ARIA was the anime that called for me.
Watching this i am sure you wil have the thing called the "peace of mind"...
Simplest of them all, this anime was so peacefull that even when each episode consist of a different plot, you never know when it ended..
Good work guys i am looking farword to more of the work like this one

mishia mishia

What I like about this anime is the calm, breezy feel of it, and the fact that they don't feel the need to have boobs in your face every five seconds (I think an anime with less fanservice shows that it doesn't need it to cover up for a bad plot, or lack thereof).

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