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Armitage III Series, OVA

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Kikaruu's Armitage III Ova Review

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Rated: 9

I love this series. It has high replay value, an enjoyable cast, the cyberpunk feel and aesthetic, and a proper story. It didn't portray itself as something jaw-droppingly amazing, but a good series to watch. And, happily, it is. I enjoyed it quite a bit. There wasn't much navel-gazing, sadly, but there was a great take on what it means to be and feel human. I liked that.

Wow. I'm going to have to watch it again tonight. It really is that good, and watching it, anyone could see why.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

Amazing OVA series, I like how it goes into what a cybernetic being such as Armitage herself asking the question "If they (humans) hate us so much, then why did they create us?!", it's a pretty powerful statement and shows the depths of her character and shows that she is more than a machine. I love how she has a fiery, interesting personality and the relationship she has with Ross is a special one that I love as well. I enjoyed Hiroko Kasahara's performance as the title character from the original OVA; from someone who usually does characters with a gentle persona such as Kasahara, she did a great job in performing a more hardcore character. I wish Kasahara was a more prolific seiyuu, she's certainly one of the better ones as she has great range and possesses a fine acting and singing talent. A shame that Kasahara didn't reprise the role for the sequel movie, but Ryoka Yuzuki did well with the role as she voiced the role as close to Kasahara's Armitage. I preferred the gritty feel of the original OVA as it was done by cel animation. The antagonist of the sequel movie wasn't as memorable as D'anclaude of the original OVA, I really enjoyed Ryuusei Nakao's performance as D'anclaude and he does great in playing villain roles. What I did like about the sequel movie is the family relationship shared between Armitage, Sylibius, and their daughter Yoko and the couple's determination to always protect Yoko.

kikaruu kikaruu

First anime I owned, and the first I loved. It isn't recent, but it's still quite good. Be sure to watch the OVA -- it makes more sense than the movie, which was the OVA with deleted/added scenes to make it shorter.

The sequel was alright. It wasn't what I was looking for, but still quite enjoyable as an action flick.

Both series have very nice OSTs, as well.

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