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Collection of oneshots:

1) Arrested Man: when Iori confronts the stalker that's been following him around for days, he discovers it's none other than Naoki, his former lover. And Naoki has a lot in mind for him...
2) Yuki no Kioku (Memories of the Snow): as a child, Yukina is rescued after getting lost in the forest during winter. He promises the strange man to become his "bride" on his 20th birthday. Years later, as his 20th birthday draws near, a man resembling the one from the past makes his appearance.
3) Ugokenai Yoru (Still Night): due to a trauma from the past, Kouichi gets nervous every time his lover Akira tries to go further than kissing. Tired of waiting, Akira decides to help.
4) Naive Gespenst (Naive Ghost): Wataru gets suspicious when his lover Hideto returns from a business trip and acts much more affectionate than usual.
5) Toiki no Netsu (Temperature of a Sigh): host Tadaaki Shutou is called by the drunk Masumi Sakura, an amputee, to keep him company. Tadaaki takes a liking to Masumi and becomes his caretaker.
6) Shisen no Katachi (Shape of a Glance): Sachi Sajima is permanently annoyed at Yuuki Yuza, who babies him because of his color blindness.
7) Body by Body: Rou is feeling lonely after his lover Sen leaves for two weeks to work.
Omakes: Naoki finds lipstick on Iori's collar, and Wataru tries to get Hideto to go out into the sun.

Synopsis: pandemonium91

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