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Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

WOW.. amazing.. i mean Cats cosplays are so populer in Japan and why is this the only anime full of cat humanoids? Incircling every bit of cuteness and innocence of them. I mean there are many anime in which we talk about CAT DEAMONS, but this is the first anime i had watched of its kind.

Well you might have guessed what this anime is all about. So the cat beings are aliens and are highly advance and are highly cute, and obviously are highly friendly. The hero is a nerd like .. like...
mmm.. ME i guess :D. And is the guy who first incountered with her, and so she is living with him in his house which is now the ambassy for CATIA kingdom.
Interesting and sticking up anime.. too bad it was a half season..:(

But i really like to say one thing for anime production.
Please leave this lvl of ECHII stuff for HENTAI ONLy :(

ghost945 ghost945

Interesting setting, esp. in Okinawa. Yet looks all familiar from Onegai Teacher setting. wish characters are more developed. the main male lead is useless and weak. why do anime almost always match great female characters against insensitive dumbo? the robots are very cute and cuddly. love to own one of them.

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