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Tomohiro Natsume would've been a normal guy if not for his ability to see and talk to the ghost of his childhood friend Misao Minakami. His life took a different turn when his mother "threw" him out of the house because he'd get in her way when she just got a new boyfriend. So Tomo goes to live on his own and on his first day, he receives an odd suitcase from a mysterious girl. And that evening, he gets attacked by another girl demanding that he surrender an object called the Asura Machina.

The next day, Tomo is shocked to find out that the girl who gave him the suitcase is actually his senior, Shuri Kurosaki, and that the attacker, Kanade Takatsuki, is his classmate and had no remembrance about what happened last night. On the next evening, Tomo gets attacked again, this time by a white-clad young man. Luckily, he was helped by Shuri who urges him to open the suitcase. What Tomo didn't know was that doing so would mean executing the contract he had a long time ago and has now became a handler of Asura Machina.

Contributed by princessmeyrin023.

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Member Opinions

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

Well.... an anime containing meca, romance, harem and mystery, all in one but most prominent was meca and mystery. I don't know why, but i felt like the other traits were unable to keep up.
We have one of the most stupid hero as usual, who don't give a thought to any thing before taking any decision. To certain heroes, it do suits though. If u are into such action animes. I am sure u will like it.

Sou1Co11ector Sou1Co11ector

The first season really peaked my interest as it was a nice story with a lot of holes that needed to be filled in. That being said it forced you to speculate on what might me really going on in Asura Cryin' which I really enjoyed.

Also it has some little perverted elements, which I always enjoy.

The second season filled in most of the gaps in the story, but it felt rushed. As if the studio suddenly decided that they will only be making 2 seasons and that the story must be completed by then.

So mid way in the 2nd season things go awry and out of whack. I think a 2rd season would've been a better choice to end things off nicely.

All in all I did enjoy this anime.

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