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Official Japenese website: http://atelier-ps3.jp/rorona/

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Z827's Atelier Rorona Game Review

Rated: 7

= This is a Review of Atelier Rorona ~Alchemists of Arland~ =
Well , I can't say that this is my favourite game nor can I say it's one that I could find myself to detest.
There are many flaws and yet there are some points about this game which you can't ignore.
Still , it isn't really a game meant for guys nor girls whom prefer more action-related games , for this is seriously one game I've ever encountered in my life which is probably targetted at young girls with a young mind.... Oh , no offence here.

If your a fan of the Atelier series , you may find that the combat system is greatly weakened from what it had used to be and there is a greater focus on the alchemy feature of this game.

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