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100 years ago the world existed as four nations: the Water Tribes, the Air Nomads, the Fire Nation, and the Earth Kingdom. In each nation are special individuals known as "benders" who are able to control the respective element (water, air, fire, earth) of their nation. Once a generation, an individual is born who can control all four elements. This individual is called the Avatar and is charged with maintaining balance between the four nations. However, when the leader of the Fire Nation, the Fire Lord, wages war on the entire world, the Avatar disappears allowing the Fire Nation to conquer most of the world.

100 years pass and now, in the present, a young water bender named Katara and her brother Sokka find a boy, an airbender named Aang, frozen in an iceberg and release him. Believing him to be the Avatar, Katara and Sokka begin their journey to help Aang master control of all four elements and restore balance to the world.

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Member Opinions

dragonknight2000 dragonknight2000

I have enjoyed watching this anime for the long run especially when it came to the series. I have loved each and every character and it to make it more unique I've loved watching its plots and twist. I love the story of it and my favorite was tuff I like her earthbending style and steel as well I loved her in every way she is :))

Vinifera7 Vinifera7

This is an American anime rather than a Japanimation and you can see the different style in the art and dialog. The story is very fast-paced even though it continually focuses on character development.

mikeb23 mikeb23

A very solid american based "anime". The series has an original stroy of the avatar who is the master of all four elements but mysteriously dissapears when the great war emerges. The new avatar named Aang must master all the elaments in order to defeat the fire lord from taking over the world. This show includes lots of humor, epic fight scenes and bending of the four classic elements. Should have been a 10 but there were some not so good and boring episodes. (Which the creators jokingly admit in commentaries.)

Blue-Latte Blue-Latte

I thought this was a cartoon .___. Hm, this show overall is really awesome. This series gives us interesting characters. The art is pleasant to look at, especially the backgrounds. My favorite part is book 3: Fire. I love the storyline and how the characters slowly develop over time (especially Zuko), great animation, the fight scenes are brilliant, and the music is fantastic. I've also seen the movie, though not as good as the TV series, it was not really bad either. I got a bit disappointed with the ending, but this is still really worth watching. ^^

Smilo Smilo

I've seen avatar 3 or 4 times when I was little. It was awsome!!! That they could lift up water or stone with out touching it. Now I don't know if it's so good anymore, but is still cool with Aang who can master control the four elements.

animekikyoustormelissa animekikyoustormelissa

omg! i could rewatch it and rewatch it!!!!
the movie was plain nasty.... i could not believe how badly the did with the movie...
it sucked.
the imagery for the Nickelodeon show though was absolutely beautiful the characters very unique and
the show was well spaced out and i loved every character!

DrewHans555 DrewHans555

Although American animation has a bad reputation, Avatar was fantastic. I admit that the themes are nothing special but the other elements of this show make it worth watching. The characters are very likable and the story-line is exciting, despite being easy to follow.

aureawolf aureawolf

Huge kung-fu fan here! The story is pretty awesome, the characters are solid, the philosophy is legit... The only but would be the ending... I'm not gonna drop hurtful spoilers (although this issue must be quite well known), but that was NOT the couple that I wanted to see in the end! I mean, c'mon! All along they gave us the impression and the expectation of a different main couple! (I still don't accept it... that's why I'm pouring my hopes on Korra...¬_¬)

DarthTofu DarthTofu

Absolutely love this series and definitely one of my favorites. Considering the demographic was aimed towards 6–10 yr olds, it's surprisingly mature and enjoyable for older folks, too. Great characters, well paced, and interesting plot. I highly recommend it.

leonskxxx leonskxxx

for me in particular, I think it has a story very good and original. the story does well in all three books, although not a Japanese Anime is really good, I can recommend it to anyone. They will not regret watching it, no matter what this series is not Japanese :D

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

quite childish anime.. but even now i see it now and then when the moods permits. The story line is awesome however the character details and plot are not strong. it could be made much better.
How ever u will find humor, action and romance all here (indeed its childish even then)
No violence.

Aiira Aiira

Did not watch the anime, but rather the live action movie :D. Thinking of watching the actual anime since it look tempting, but with all the summary and reviews I read it's not satisfying enough for me to spend my free time and watch this anime. The movie though was Okay. It wasn't Good or Great since they cut it off when it was getting better. Maybe being buried with a huge animal under the ice for a long time is a catcher :D

riho88riho riho88riho

Though some don't count this as "real" anime, and it IS American made, this is surprisingly very very good. I personally spent my entire break of a week watching this all the way through (and it is by no means a short eries). There is a little bit of everything in this series that makes it so easy to be enjoyed by everyone. Although a lot think this series is for little kids and such, it honestly can be watched by anyone. I was 20 when I watched it for the first time and I still loved it. There are "hidden" elements that only a mature audience would pick up on, but safe enough for young kids to watch as well. There are loads of lessons to be learned seeing as the main character, Aang is only 12 and still learning all these lessons for himself. The action keeps the audience in there seats as this isn't just a running around and exploring but rather a dangerous adventure filled with fighting, defeat, conquest, romance, friendship, character developments, and fun. Like any long series there are "fillers" but the series DOES have a plot and a storyline that (espeically after the first season) needs to be followed in order to understand. Over all, I loved this series and think it's great for anyone that loves a little of everything.

AngelKate AngelKate

I didn't know we could add this. XD
Anyway! This is probably the best cartoon to come out of America in ...ages. I own all three seasons on DVD and I rewatch them all the time. The storyline and character development in this show is probably the best I've ever seen, and the animation is amazingly detailed and beautiful. ATLA is a MUST SEE for people of all ages!

Rhed Rhed

i really like the story but i dont like the pairing... gosh!! i dont like aang for katara... she's not my type for him!!! it made me pissed off!!! ow,well.. i like zugo!!! kyaaa.so handsome even though he has scar... i like appa and momo too!!! so cute... and one more.. i like the earth-bender girl (gosh! i forgot her name.. so sorry)

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