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Ayahatori is the name of a family, also known as text-weavers, which possesses the unusual power to summon objects, creatures and people from ancient writings to do their bidding. The people who are convened this way are called summoned historical familiars. To put it bluntly, these familiars become servants who are also automatically required to protect their masters ("the summoners") from harm at all times.
16-year-old high school student Kozakura Saaya is a novice who has to successfully summon a beautiful woman, Ono no Komachi, to pass her text-weaver's exam and earn her official certification. However, the historical familiar who appears before her is not a beautiful woman, but a handsome, insolent and temperamental young man. Despite Saaya's shortcoming, the text-weavers' clan leader Sakuranomiya Asaki convinces the elders to allow her to pass her exam. And so begins the new life of Saaya and her summoned historical familiar Ono no Komachi as more text-weavers and other familiars and creatures turn up along the way.

Credit: nixhel

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Member Opinions

aureawolf aureawolf

It's not bad, it's not super-wow, but it's good enough (although the dynamics is kinda weird and tripped :S). The concept of "text weavers" is not new at all, but I like the chick's character and coolness and the guy's has enough charm.

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