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Feudal Japan is under attack by beasts called Youi, monsters which can be fought using the power of Ayagami. Ryuudou Yukiatsu, a wanderer, has this power, and so the Youi-fighting group called Ayashi seeks him out in an attempt to have him join them. But Yukiatsu runs into a woman and her son, and is first forced to face the past he’s been running from.

Contributed by DokiDokiChan

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Member Opinions

singlemoon singlemoon

Well, for me, the anime was okay, I like the presentation and I love the humor. I love the idea of using 'words' (Ayagami) as weapon, and the graphic are consistent throughout the series. At first, I disliked Yukiatsu, cause he's not the ideal hero that I use to see in other series, but thinking back properly, I think that's one of his trademark.
My favorite character in this anime would be Saizo. She looks really cute when she appeared in the anime for the first time and she completely stole my heart when she started her dance. She had some embarrassing moments, but I think that's one of the thing that make her special in her own way. :)

ecnelisterger ecnelisterger

This is the first time I ever dislike the main character in a story. Well, maybe that's a good thing, since most anime got perfect (if not they have dark past, bad attitude etc etc) but Yukiatsu (the main character) absolutely had no attraction, he's just the type of guy you just don't want to know. Good thing the anime got dependable guy like Abi. *sigh*
But, I think it's a very good anime, it got interesting plot and ideas. But you definitely won't enjoy the pairing. *twitch eyebrows* But that's just me. >D
The OP and ED dongs are awesome thou.

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