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Hachiko's B-gata H-kei Tv Review

Rated: 4

What makes B Gata H Kei a huge disappointment is not the art or the sound or even the story, but the presentation. And you know why? As I hinted to in the story section, that personal spirit that is supposedly guiding Yamada to her unwise decisions is hogging up a great deal of face time. This little wrinkle is completely unnecessary, and for this reviewer, it was detrimental to the enjoyability with the whole show crashing down like Yamada's early chances of scoring.

I do not need cheesy, pretentious commentary from this mini-Yamada with a fake mustache and a cloud that would see the likes of Son Goku sue for possible intellectual property violations.

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Member Opinions

pikachu36 pikachu36

This is now the first anime series that I have seen on Netflix. I ran across it and read the bio and it seemed so funny. Basically it takes you through the eyes of a freshman girl who is a virgin and wants to do it with a 100 guys before she gets out of high school.Yet even though the plot of the story was so easy to figure out and would make not continue to watch it I did for two reasons. For one it was only 12 episodes long or around there. Two usually comedy's may have an easy plot to them, but can still be something great to watch depending how the humor is. Since I tend to have a sometimes pervy humor this series meets my humor quite well at some points.

XiThau XiThau

Although the main character would be seen as a 'wh---,' aren't most Anime(s)' about a guy who wants to get with girls? It's just switching the roles, so this Anime is different from others. I enjoyed it. I do recommend it, however, it has several ecchi scenes, and a lot of 'dark' comedy. Basically, it's not for children.

awkwardusername awkwardusername

haha.. a crazy and funny watch..

i thought it was lame.
<and i think people underestimated this anime>

good character development, and quite good animation. it is not really comparable to other ecchi romance anime. it is somewhat unique in its better aspects. it is also, quite, uncliched.

Duuz Duuz

Surprised this one hasn't gotten more attention, and this time it's the girl that's the pervert. She's the prettiest girl in school, yet she wants to have 100 casual sex partners and get a reputation as the school slut, but she's having trouble with the first step.

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