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Weskalia's BLOOD-C Tv Review

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Rated: 3

Which one is worse? A series that is mediocre from the start or one that looks promising then turns mediocre. Either way, both apply for Blood-C, too sloppily directed to succeed and too clunkily scripted to make for compelling drama, it does have the makings of a good, down and dirty exploitation series. While not everything was resolved in the end, the popularity boosts a movie, but even at that, it's not possible to cover all in a few minutes unlike Last Vampire which has the benefit of a 50-episode anime. And judging from the last episode, the movie would probably be about in a gigantic battle between good and evil as a lousy protagonist jumps into the belly of the beast. Call me bloodthirsty, but I'd rather watch something more creative with blood, sweat and tears.

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Member Opinions

YuuichiYouko YuuichiYouko

This show confuses me. I get it is a suppose to a spin off of Blood+ but it is disappointing me. I thought that she can go vampire when she want to but she wait from something bad to happen to do it. Tokizane acts like Hagi. I can't tell if her teacher is gay or is shee a Elder Brain and what a weird name to give demons. She lost almost all her friends and classmates in 3 episodes


It's rare for me to rate an anime below 5, but this one is the most boring anime ever. It's not enjoyable in anyway.
My rating 3.5 is for the good effort the team who worked on it has made, nothing more.
There's a movie that completes the story, I didn't watch it, but maybe the movie would have a better story and attractive at least.

evilxangel evilxangel

I am a huge fan of most CLAMP series.The illustration of this anime was impeccable those red eyes were very charming.But the story doesn't get very interesting until the end.I wish every episode could be entertaining but it wasn't.I finished just because I don't like to leave this half-way watched.The story needs more impact in it.Most of the time I was asking myself what was the point of the story to just keep fighting without any major development was tiring.I wouldn't really recommend it unlike fighting and blood is all you are looking for in a anime.

MisaSasekage MisaSasekage

One of the new anime I have been waiting on, though I think the pacing for the first episode could've have been a bit faster but either way I thought it was good. I like Saya. The pacing is a bit slow, I'm happy to see it getting to the plot. When I saw Shinichirou rush up the stairs and get killed by the female Elder Bairn in a matter of seconds, I was left thinking, “Wow, really? Him too?” I more or less stopped caring about everything that happened afterward, because it really felt like the support cast was only here to be killed off for some easy shock value. After seeing just about everyone die one after another in the past four episodes, I’ve become completely desensitized to it all. When he showed up out of nowhere just to die, I almost lost it in complete disbelief. Because even if it turns out that all of Saya’s friends are actually Elder Bairns (or were reborn as them at least), their deaths still come off as a very cheap plot device to build suspense. I wouldn’t say Blood-C is on the verge of driving me insane, but it sure does wear on me when it keeps beating around the bush with the same stuff over and over again. Even now, they haven’t completely spelled out how the coffee and guimauve that Fumito has been feeding Saya is soaked in blood. All the rhetorical questions the dog poses don’t help either, except maybe the idea that he was asked by Saya’s original self, who wanted someone to make sure that this so-called “experiment” is being carried out properly since she’ll have no memory of it. In connection, this is first time that it’s been revealed that Saya did receive blood transfusions of some kind, and that we’re given a better glimpse of the Saya before her. If anything was truly a surprise, it would be that Kanako might actually be on Saya’s side, given how she slowly helped her realize that everything’s she’s been led to believe is a lie. I’m not expecting anything from this series anymore. I wouldn’t go as far as calling Blood-C a complete joke though, as the story clearly had this U.S. military/Japanese government conspiracy in mind to begin with. The problem lied in the execution. When the time came to pull the covers off this town-wide charade, there was such a sour taste in my mouth from all the “deaths” that it completely lost its intended effect. The idea that Saya is an Elder Bairn in the form of a beautiful girl also works for me, because it confirms my suspicions that Fumito is interested in harnessing her powers for his own gain. At the same time, it takes that idea a step further by suggesting he’s taking her blood and experimenting with it to create a super soldier, as seen in the flashbacks where his men looked far from human. I presume the “contract” or “covenant” that the other Elder Bairns have been referring to is some sort of agreement between their monster-like kind to not attack one another. Saya was accused of being more repulsive than them, likely because she eats other Elder Bairns — a form of cannibalism if you will. All in all, these were climax-worthy revelations, so it’s just too bad that the series stumbled along the way to get to this point.

mbeckley mbeckley

Very interesting anime. I like the action.
The atmosphere in the anime is very mysterious and dark. I can still feel its presence when Saya's comical clumsiness and other funny antics try to sugarcoat it. This element makes it unique, and I'm looking forward watching it completely.

back07 back07

The story revolves around Saya Kisaragi, a normal girl who is overly clumsy and kind. She lives with her father, the head of a shrine, and learns the 'art of the sword' from him. She is then faced with various forms of 'trials' that test her kindness, and the misfortune it brings for being 'overly-kind'. Saya, holds up her kind, against the misfortune, of her friends, though she stumbles a few times, she gets up stronger. In her journey, how will she fair, why is she being tested?

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

Firstly i should clarify that Blood-C has nothing to do with Blood +. Both have entirely different story line and characters. Though we can say that plot do contain quite many similarities. As we are hunting EPIC monsters, we have one single HEROIN, the key to killing them do needs support with a KATANA (i never said sword, i said katana). Blodd-C offers more blood spill and death rate if we compare both. Although sound and presentation is also one its best yet i will say that something was a MISS here. I was unable to find every episode thrilling and interesting as that of Blood +. But unlike blood the good thing is that this anime offers quick response and u dont have to wait for a week to get to know WHAT HAPPENED WHEN ROCK FELL ON HIM ?

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