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Weskalia's Baccano! Tv Review

Rated: 9

You take a ticket of the "Baccano!" express and how much of an amazing "ruckus" this ride turns out to be. It's true that the series has been influenced after many American mobsters movies such as "Untouchable" or "Snatch" (in this case, the OP might have been inspired by "Snatch"), the uniqueness in settings: lively characters, a mix of action, comedy, and intense violence, and a complicated story coming together piece by piece, all backed by great music and good artistry make it a must-see series for fans of American mobsters.

If Baccano! isn't the best anime of the year, it's certainly the most entertaining, a dull moment can hardly be found in this one-of-a-kind anime. Like I was, you will be curious to see where this train is heading.

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Member Opinions

minayuri minayuri

I have to admit that I'm not fond of this series, I couldn't invest in any of the characters and didn't like how the episodes of the TV series was formatted with going back and forth between story arcs. A similar type of series where you get different flavors of outlaw characters you can invest in and action packed story arcs with a great blend of dark comedy and drama that's much better is Black Lagoon.

darkmage530 darkmage530

This is hands down one of the best anime of the last 10 years. If you have not seen it, put it at the top of your queue at this moment. Despite being only 13 eps (16 with the OVA) they pack a ton of content and even more characters into the show. You will be confused about whats going on and who is who but despite that you won't want to stop watching. It pulls you in and doesn't let go. It's a rocket ride where you don't actually get control until the very end when it all comes together in a near perfect way. It has been described that this is what Tarantino would make if he did an Anime. I agree half way, the other half being if he collaborated with Guy Richie.

Fantastic watch!


MEN!! this one is the best, Awesome, I haven't watched something like this for years... The feeling while watching this anime series is different from the others, there is a random feeling that makes you laugh and become serious at the same time. The very first episode makes me interested and wanting me to crave for more. And the other good thing about this is all of the characters are cool, and they are special in their own way, Isaac and Miria is very funny I am always looking forward to them. The details of the story is connected properly and their powers are cool. Overall it is a great anime. Definitely worthwatching.

Kalrathia Kalrathia

I love Ryohgo Narita's stories, it's something obvious xD. I like Baccano! because for me it was very funny (and a bit bloody too) I wasn't very sure before watching it, because some people said to me that it was too confusing, but I really like when an anime is like that, so it's not a problem ^^. I can't decide who is my fav character... there are a lot that I like!

fireflywishes fireflywishes

Wow! Very bloody, but loved all the characters and storyline. If you're planning to watch this series, don't let the first episode dissuade you. It's very confusing, but necessary to tie the whole series together. Reading the wiki entry on the series it seems like there is more to the story... I wish the anime were longer! Great OST-- especially the opening theme "Guns and Roses".

RaitoTheReaper RaitoTheReaper

One of my all-time favorite anime series, thanks to the amazing animation, cast of characters, music, and plot. Everything in Baccano! combines perfectly to create one of the best stories told through anime format of all time.

singlemoon singlemoon

Jacuzzi Slot! Yeah, the reason why I kept on watching Baccano! is because so I can catch a glimpse of Jacuzzi. XD Not really, it's pretty addicting once you watch the first episode. The anime was the very definition or hectic and sometimes I get confused in some episode. XD Still, it's cool, Miria and Isaac are really amusing and they usually makes me laugh.

DokiDokiChan DokiDokiChan

The thing about Baccano! is that the first few episodes will entirely throw you, but if you stick with it, things fall into place and you become addicted. To clarify, Baccano does not start off boring, it just runs entirely out of chronological order which is extremely confusing when you first start watching. But I promise you their is a method to the madness, and the effect of the sequence of events is awesome.
Animation is excellent, characters are hilarious and unique, and the plot will totally grip you.
Overview: Possibly one of the oddest animes I have ever seen, but also one of the best.

Valuna Valuna

A very short series that takes place between places. One in New York and the other in a train called the "Flying Pussyfoot" which seems quite confusing at first but you will notice it soon enough. The story starts with a mysterious accident in a train in the early 1930's where trails of blood and people are left. You follow the people on the train, while also in New York the last bottles of the immortality elixer is being sought.

The series doesn't bore you even one minute, hence it's only 13 episodes. Everything goes very smooth, and keeps you interested. Because the story takes place at two different locations at the same time, you slowly start to know what is happening and things will be kept in the dark until the time comes for you to know. I personally enjoyed this anime a lot, more than any average kind of series and I suggest it to anyone who wants a decent series to watch.

Animezealot5140 Animezealot5140

Its just simply brilliant to tell different stories of so many characters at the same time and then gradually make it connected midway and the ending is a BANG! All characters meet at one point.
Watching this anime needs a really good memory as each episode is not arranged or moving in sequence. It'll jump all over the place with each different stories like 6 to 8 individuals' stories in past, current and future.

randomly--random randomly--random

After searching for so long, I'm so happy to finally found a good copy of Baccano!. Well, first off, the reason I got interested with Baccano! was because of DURARARA!!. Anyway, as for my first impression on this series, the first episode definitely turned out to be quite an intrigue yet, definitely confusing as well. The opening chat of Carol and Gustav Saint Germain, gave me 100% confusion as to what really is happening. Also, with the story not going in a sequenced manner makes everything confusing. Anyway, after getting used with Baccano!'s style of story telling and finally getting enough knowledge as to what really is happening, I definitely liked it(: Baccano! in many ways is definitely similar to DURARARA!!. Forgetting about the enumeration of similarities, Baccano! presented a huge yet interesting and intriguing set of characters. Art-wise, Baccano! didn't really standout for me yet it fits the theme of the anime. Overall, Baccano! is a must to watch anime most especially if you're a fan of Narita Ryohgo's DURARARA!! :D

chiara chiara

Great story and loveable characters. I found the first episode a bit odd and dropped it almost (why? I don't know for sure myself) but that makes the series not less interesting. If you like DuRaRaRa! then you will like this the same. Personally I've watched DuRaRaRa before and through some recommendations I tried it out and fell in love at second try LOL Now I like it even more than DuRaRaRa! Watch it!

aozoraskies aozoraskies

Intriguing plotline and play of timeline. Keeps us on our toes, wondering how the events had played out to bring us the characters and their circumstances as they are. Add the setting of America in the 1930s, alive with Jazz and Mafia alike in the streets, conspiracy theories adrift; and you have quite a winner.
Once again, Narita Ryohgo's cast of thousands are charming and varied - the seemingly wimpy, tearful Jacuzzi who will go to all extends for the people he cares about, with his strangely spontaneous bravery; the Immortal eternal child, Czelaw, ruthless in his will to live and continue; the silent, deadly Chane completely dedicated to her 'father'; the initially unassuming Claire Stanfield who goes on to play a huge part in the story of the Rail Tracer; the explosives-happy Nice; the three Gandor brothers, vastly different from each other but a team nonetheless; Eve, quietly bold and strong-spirited; and who can foget Miria and Isaac, one of the most fun and random duos you'll ever find.
You might find similarities to Drrr's cast - yet these all have their own backstories and personalities, so much more individual. Watch! Once you get over the skipping timelines, and the vaguely heavy pilot, you'll fall in love.
Next: Baccano! novels~

TRBadman TRBadman

Damm. This anime is really good. America at the prohibition times is one of my favorite moments in history. So many fascinating characters. It's hard too choose who is my favorite - Isaac and Miria? Claire Stanfield? Ladd Russo? Thogh call ;p

AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

Brilliant! Have to be focused watching it because the scenes are totally out of order! but don't give up on it because they create an insane, awesome and bloody story! There's a lot of loveable (and insane as well) characters. I have found Claire/Vino the most interesting (the most insane perhaps?). Music is awesome. I wish there was more eps^_^ but from now on I wont comlain if a story is not ended properly, cause every one of them have no beginning and no end and that is what makes them so enjoyable (whatever it means)^_^ oh, and dont get me wrong, Baccano! has splendid ending, but even so, the story is open and it could be more and more, and more...

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