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In a parallel world known as Vestroia, a Bakugan named Naga absorbs one of the two cores that preserve the balanace and peace in Vestroia known as The Silent Core. To prevent Naga from absorbing the other core, known as The Infinity Core, Naga's twin sister Wavern absorbs it. This breaks apart the balance of Vestroia and sends Bakugan in marble magnetic sphere forms along with metallic cards to Earth. A group known as the Bakugan Battle Brawlers consisting of Dan, Shun, Runo, Marucho, Julie, Alice, and later on Joe form to work with Wavern and other Bakugan to save both Vestroia and Earth from Naga and those who he has elisted known as Hal-G and Masquerade.

With Naga's defeat The Infite Core and Silent Core are combined into The Perfect Core and Vestroia is restored. Months go by and a new threat known as Vexos appears and begins to take over Vestroia. Dan, Marucho, and Shun are called to Vestroia to join with new brawlers named Mira, Ace, and Baron to battle against them. Together known as the Bakugan Brawler Resistance they work with their Bakugan partners to defeat the Vexos and save New Vestroia.

Dan, Marucho and Shun are drawn into an growing conflict between two alien groups. They must help defeat the Gundalian Protectors of the Dark Bakugan and the Twelve Orders who have attacked the peaceful planet of Neathia and now turned their attention to Earth, entering through the virtual reality Bakugan Interspace. The stakes are high! Will the Battle Brawlers triumph, saving the Bakugan and Earth once more?

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Yugito-san's Bakugan Tv Review

Rated: 9

The plot is intense yet consistent. Any viewer of the anime would be able to follow the intensity of the plot very well without any trouble what soever. In addition, the anime is non-violent enough for any child to watch the anime without parents scolding at them for violent inappropriate viewing of typical shonen anime.
Every episode has a laughable scene despite the seriousness of the plot. Episode 2 of the first season portrays theme the best. For instance although there are very sad scenes in the episode it ends with a convivial conclusion in the end.
Every season starts with the main character having a vision of what is to come in the future for the plot.

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