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AnGeeChan AnGeeChan

For japanese history and traditional japanese culture lovers (like me^_^) its perfect! In additional the soundtrack is flawless, sounds of traditional japanese instruments build the atmosphere of these times wonderfully. I could listen to it over and over. There is alot of action, interesting characters with different goals. Beside the main characrers there is plenty of historical ones. Im always pleased when the Shinsengumi members appear in the show (how nice to see Tetsunosuke Ichimura here, its like the continuation of Peacemaker Kurogane^_^). In other words theres many politicall issues, but if you arent good in jpn history, you could just follow the story of Akizuki (hes so cool^_^), enjoy his fights especially his duel with Sakyonosuke Kanna, which is my fav character here (his story is a real tragic and for the first time I found the duel based on katana vs revolver interesting) and watch how awesome kabuki performance can be. Of course I dont think the series need all the supernatural stuff (it almost ruined the final battle, its not Sengoku Basara...), but I can stand it somehow.

raflesia raflesia

I saw this anime a while ago and I liked it so much! The story tells the story of Akizuki, "the eternal murderess" who has a very important task for the future of Japan, the historical period is that of Bakumatsu among busiest in the history of Japan. Fictional characters mingle with real people, I was touched to see Toshizou Hijikata, Harada, Okita, their stories are intertwined with that of Akizuki, a samurai with a big sense of guilt, Kakunojo, a girl at the head of a group of Kabuki , a mysterious writer, Ibaragi, which is not what it seems and that self-described "writer of Japan and the world", ancient and magical stories that blend with the momentum of the turbulent period of Bakumatsu Great storyline, characters thickness and fascinating, one in particular, Kanna, a man with a twisted psychology... beautiful music, animation and special clean color, good fights .... for me this anime a product to watch again and again and deserves a nice 10.

Rufusek Rufusek

The revenge troup, group of people that that makes shows based on their experience and written by extraordinary skilled script writer. I watched it a long time ago and from what i remember it was lacking in battle action in the end as well the fate of second sword wasn't so good. The story is solid, graphics looks good and is placed in nice time but it lacks impet to show off while being only good. About the characters main protagonist Akihiko is a swordmaster which goes after some skull, he is a real show off and one of few real deal guy, another one which i want to mention is Sotetsu Ibaragi, the script writer as well as the guy which plot everything to free his clan from its fate, when he enters the stage it gets interesting, and the last guy I will mention is Hijikata (historical character) and this one is swordmaster and quite hardheaded but I liked him, even though you couldn't reason with him

oukafriend oukafriend

Unlike other shinsengumi anime, this time the main character you follow is only an acquaintance. But that's not even the point. This one's really heavy on Japanese history so I had a hard time following the action. The main guy is a pretty cool swordsman. Cant say the same for the girl that loves/TRIES TO FREAKING KILL HIM. (*spoiler*? woops). Well...I'd give it a lower rating because of that girl, but the main character boosts it up haha..

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