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minayuri minayuri

Quite a fun fanservice show I enjoyed very much with two great female leads in the sexy red-head Chocolate Misu (the sexiest red-head in anime IMHO) and Tira Misu who is sugar and spice and everything nice. It's a shame this series is underrated and I feel there should be a reboot of this series to show what an excellent ecchi anime should be like...outside of those stupid, cliche high school settings. Bakuretsu Hunters has everything that makes it very enjoyable; a fun cast of characters, good storyline, beautiful art, a great antagonist in Zaha Torte, top-notch cast of seiyuu such as Megumi Hayashibara and Yuko Mizutani, wonderful music score and songs, and a truly fantastic piece of anime set in a fantasy setting. So I truly recommend Bakuretsu Hunters to those seeking to see an ecchi show outside of those dumb high-school set shows.


One of my earlier VHS acquisitions was 2 dubbed volumes of this. I eventually got it all on DVD, but note it as being nowhere near as good as I remember. However, it was at least still rather entertaining for what it was. The OVA, however, I did not like.

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