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The story follows Viscountess Abriel Nei Debrusc Borl Paryun Lafiel and Count Linn Syun-Rock Dreu Haider Jinto and their continuing adventures aboard the Basroil, a new attack ship commanded by Lafiel herself.
During their adventures, the two will encounter old friends and remnants of old foes as well as make new ones in the continuing fight against the United Mankind.

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Stormy001's Banner of the Stars Tv Review

Rated: 8

The fact this anime become one of the most beloved series to many serious anime fans who truly appreciated its sheer complexity despite rather minimalist art and music department, is testimony to it’s raw power of good writing, powerful script and convincing characters.

Seikai no Monshu deserves many second viewing as many nuances of story is missed during first time watching it. The story has many layers of complicated character, setting and political implications that fans will be delighted when they have revelation during second viewings.

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One of the few titles where I have both the TV series and manga in their entirety. Of course, that's not saying all that much considering how short the manga is. I honestly wish this could have gotten a continuation, as there's so much more to be told.


This was the show that got me to start really watching anime. It's a bit unfair that all three seasons are lumped together, which makes the scoring difficult, because it started out all right, but then each season got progressively better. The first two seasons suffered from some pacing issues (especially the entire episode talking about battle strategy and politics in BotS 1), but by the last season, all of that was improved upon, creating a truly enjoyable story. The characters all have their own personalities and depth, and it really is the characters that make this show into a classic.

liminy0 liminy0

Since it is one of the first anime I have ever watched, it calls for special treatment. If I do have the partiality, it would receive a score around 8.5.
It is a solid series, although the novel is probably a lot better. Jinto, as the main male lead, is rather pathetic; however, his earnest acknowledgment of his weaknesses makes his persistence more commendable. His character is easily likable and less generically clueless than some other (harem) male lead.
Of course, the main focus of the series is on the cool (and tsundere?) Abu princess Lafiel Abrieal. Despite the fact that I was never able to say her full name (thank goodness), Lafiel is one of my favorite anime heroines. Maybe it is because she was voiced by Kawasumi Ayako, who also voiced Saber from Fate/Stay Night. There is some similarity here, I guess.
I will finish this later.

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