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KazablanKa KazablanKa

Basquash! is an anime i didn't know why exactly i bought, but i know i did!
After all, i ended watching it, liking it, recommending it!
The story of this anime is cool, and for once, it also focuses on my fav character (Iceman Hotty), i mean i kinda jumped when i knew that he'll make a big part of the ending (a rarely seen), so yeah;this surely made the rating get higher for me
but it's not the only reason, i already like sport/adventure/comedy/unique characters/weirdos/cool/fast yet slow Anime.. and i found them all in this one
the art isn't the best but it fits the anime very much (can't imagine K-ON graphics in it,can you?)
i liked the way the story moved on, and how it really attracted me into it, everything was just fine..
but there was only one thing i hated most (besides the legendary main that i felt i wanted to kick his ass, but at least he's better than another anime mains!), no; what i really hated was the pointless Ecchi scenes. the anime could have been too much better without them, but it's a Japanese anime about sport in another world with a male in the lead and lots of girls, there MUST be an Ecchi scenes!! (what i learned from anime, and life...)
Anyways, i (after all), really recommend this one in case you'r a fan of the previews Genres i mentioned, or have lots of time in your hand!

xpilot2006 xpilot2006

The animation and voice acting was pretty top-notch. The whole idea of basketball saving the world is a bit weird, but the matches are pretty enjoyable to watch with the addition of the Big Foots. The ending however left you with a bit more questions, and didn't feel finished. =/

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