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Among the three daughters of a rich merchant, the youngest (Beauty) is beautiful and kind, while her two older sisters are quite the opposite. When the merchant leaves for a trip, the older daughters demand only fineries as gifts, but Beauty asks for a single rose. After an incident, the now impoverished merchant stumbles upon a hidden castle and resorts to stealing the most beautiful rose in the garden. The owner (Beast) agrees to give the merchant gifts for his daughters, on the condition that he return to the castle after delivering them.

While at home, the merchant accidentally reveals to Beauty how he had obtained the gifts. Curious, she sets out for the Beast's castle, where he treats her lavishly and proposes to her every night. Eventually, she grows homesick and is allowed to return to her family after she promises to return to Beast's castle. However, Beauty's jealous sisters manage to convince her to remain home longer than she was supposed to. With the magic mirror Beast had given her, Beauty sees him laying heartbroken in the garden of roses, and uses the magic ring to return to his side in an instant. She kneels beside him and begins to cry, her tears ultimately transforming Beast back into his human form. He reveals he is actually a Prince who'd been cursed into that form by a witch, a long time ago. Him and Beauty live together happily ever after.

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