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What an awesome anime, very hilarious and very funny… Every episodes makes you crack a smile or you can even laugh. The series is also unique in some way considering the idea of raising baby. The anime is intended for mothers (just joking). The characters are awesome and badass specially the main character which is the badass of the badass .. The artwork is also great. The randomness is also a great idea and it also has a little romance in it. The baby’s name is very cool, I just forgot it XD… Great anime in all, I really recommend it to be watched.. I’ll really love to have a season two because I just haven’t got enough of it..

kuro115b kuro115b

finish it at last...okay, Oga was so strong! is he really a human?! he looked better as the demon king than the real demon king himself! and Beel-boy, (like what Oga called him) sure have a lot of power from Thunder to Sound...if feels like hell to think that Oga have to deal with the thunder everyday...the other character are strong too and for the girl, I like Kunieda more....I hope thay will make the continue but i think it's already over right?

Jodraken Jodraken

Beelzebub is for me a really fun filled serie that from ep 1 gets you to have a good laugh XD
There isn´t a character to hate (well i didn´t really like Aladrion tho..the draged out the gay joke far to long =w= )
Its hard to pick a fav but Aoi Kunieda reall takes the price here for me. She is strong, funny, a true leader, kind & just have the most adorable crush on Oga Tatsumi (yeah im a Aoi x Oga fangirls XD).
but as the series go on...it got more fillers then needed..i don´t mind a few now & then but there was so many you kinda dropped intrest & just wanted the main story to hurry up...but it never came back TT^TT it really was a sucky ending! Dx
Awesome start but a super sucky original ending!
-read the manga insted ppl-
-edit- actually..dont read the manga..ugh! the random ending with no..UGH! it felt like the anime´s ending 2012!! GHA!!! don´t put me thu that shit again Dx

renlilica renlilica

It's one hilarious anime. The plot is fine but the ending of the anime was really unsatisfying.
I really like Kunieda from there she's cool especially when she wears that Red tail uniform it's concealing but really hot.

Blue-Latte Blue-Latte

When I watched the first episode, it was...really interesting because of its humor. The anime is funny, weird, and unique. The humor can get pretty ridiculous at times. The father-son pair is really awesome! The main characters are pretty cool and the animation is well made. Overall, I quite enjoy this anime. I recommend you try this out, you might like it. ;)

elisadevelon elisadevelon

I expected this to be much darker since it was a story aboout demons. Uh, but with a rather stupid protagonist, a crazy demon lord in the backstage, and all those 'deadly serious' demons from Makai often acting as if they were on vacation in the human world, it was more a parody, I must say. It was mostly about fighting and getting stronger to prove who is the biggest badass around. It could definitelly have fewer episodes because some of the fighting scenes were riddiculously stretched. Anyway, what was probably the greatest plus for this series was that it was so funny and even absurd at times that I could not stop laughing. The characters were all likeable for one reason or another, especially when it turned out none of them was really so baddas as they were trying to be. Overall, it was quite a humorous anime with a reasonable ending - probably the only possible one for not ruining the main theme of the entire show.

Aiira Aiira

[TV Anime finished/discontinued] Quite a good anime if you asked me with everything going on. It's not the typical school delinquents, but with a bit more of super-natural occurences. Baby Beel is still quite a cutie [besides the fact that he doesn't wear diapers]. Overall it was a good anime to watch.

kuryuki kuryuki

good for time passing? xD
it's kind of stupid
kind of funny
there is a storyline but it wasn't one that kept me interested to find out what happens next xD
It's one of those animes that you can just jump episodes and go back to when you're bored :P

TheDark104 TheDark104

aunk trata de un niño i su papáa adoptivo... me uviera gustado k los autores uvieran exo + larga los útimos capitulos, ia k el papá adoptivo se uviera endrentado con el papá sanguineo. La pelea uviera sido + emotiva, i con muxc más acción ... a k terminarlo como si el ´papá nu uviera exo naa i solamente acepto k el hijo regrese kon el papá adoptivo!!!
ademas too el drama k aparece en toda la historia, con muxa lucha i enamoramiento!!! aunk el manga está mas emocionante i tiene variedad de peleas i la sirvienta 100pre esta en disposición del bebé i al lado del papá adoptivo... buen anime!!!

Dancerinthedark Dancerinthedark

it was a good anime,funny in the first few episodes but then it goes boring and more boring,in this show there is alot of funny moments and action moments as well,but what annoys me that there is some pointless and boring episodes
especially in the latest episodes,however the graphics are good comparing to another long animes
also the storyline is good
so it is a good show to check it and kill the boring hours ^.^

Rapshield31 Rapshield31

Mh, a good comedy. Sometimes too ridiculous, but I'm still following it. What happens to me.
The plot is kind of ordinary, apart that the green hair baby is the King of Demon's son. School life, boys and girls thugs (if you don't like fight, I would not advise this anime to you, reader), 'demons' (let's call them so) and some travels. The main character will also change school, so it's a lively anime.
You can't grow fond to a character that a new one had checked out. A feature of this anime are the countless persons playing in it.
The progress of the anime is quite slow. The gist of the anime can be localized about the 35 episode, so: ganbatte!

leonskxxx leonskxxx

Well .. This is the first series that I begin to see from the Manga, From the first chapter I was hooked :D It's really funny :)) very good argument, fights, awkward situations, I love this series n_n when I saw the announcement of the anime it looks forward. But .. I was disappointed anime :( animations are exaggerated and the plot is not faithful.

Summer67 Summer67

I love this crazy series! It's just so random in places that you can not guess what comes next as it's just so usually off the wall. The characters are great and all have very unique personalities which make for a bunch of well rounded cast, but Baby Beel steals the show each time. It's so funny how he acts like a baby but at other times he's so excitable over the most bizarre things.

Daydreamer1 Daydreamer1

Every episode full of fun .. a change of mood will be appreciated. well if it comes to catagory.. you can call it action, Deamon and even romantic to some extant.. But mainly funny. nice presentation and voice acting thumbs up for the mangaka

Nalataia Nalataia

At first it was good enough but, by now, Beelzebub has regressed in terms of quality and story. For what i've seen, the plot followed

nothing has to do with the manga. A pity indeed, cause the manga is getting an interesting turn of facts. I think the anime is being

refilled with extra episodes that have non sense at all... just stupid: manga is far long enough to follow it truthfully. Personally, i

dislike Beelzebub just for this reason. Nevertheless, Beelzebub has good graphics and quality.

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