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In the fairytale, Beauty is the youngest daughter of a rich merchant. She is portrayed as kind and humble, as opposed to her spoiled and vain older sisters. When her father accidentally slips that he'd met the Beast during one of his voyages, she sets off for the castle out of curiosity. Beauty lives there for awhile, never accepting Beast's proposals and ultimately returning home after missing her family. However, she soon returns at Beast's side; after restoring him to his human form, the two get married.

In the Disney adaptation, Belle is the daughter of Maurice the inventor and both are regarded as odd by everyone in their village. Belle is aggressively pursued by Gaston for marriage despite rebuffing him every time, and yearns for something more than the "provincial life". When her father is captured by Beast, she agrees to take his place as hostage and, after a long period of butting heads with Beast, gets closer to him. She and Beast get married after he is restored to his human form.

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